Morning Play by Play

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
8:20 am
Me: Let's get dressed!
Nicky: I have decided I do not want to go to school
Me: Nicky, you will love it. You had so much fun yesterday.
Nicky: No, Its not fun. I want to stay with you.
Me: Brandon, put your shoes on
Brandon: No, I want to stay with you
Me: Boys, lets put our shoes on
Nicky. No
Brandon: NO
Dogs: bark bark, running around house with muddy paw prints
{Brandon dumps out the box of toys }
Tiffany: Ok boys, listen to your mom, and lets get shoes on
{reluctantly, shoes go on}
Luke: Screaming
Nicky: Actually, I am not going
Brandon: I am not going to school. I love you. I love my house
{Take shoes off}
Nicky:  How about you drop Brandon off, and I want to stay with you and go to Target
Me: Boys, everyone goes to school. You have 18 years of school. Get used to it
Nicky: Well I have 18 years that I dont want to
Brandon: I don't want to for 18 years
{holding boys down, shoes go back on}
Me: Brandon: you cant bring that to school
Brandon: Why?
Me: You can not bring a knife to school. Take it out of your pocket.
Luke: Screams louder
Me: Don't you want Tiffany to see your classroom?
{shoes are off again}

Nicky: Ok, you can come see my classroom, but then we can go.
Brandon: Let's go.
Dogs: Chew up roll of paper towels
{shoes are on again}
Me: We're going to school.
Nicky: I said I dont wan't to go and if I say NO, I dont have to.
Brandon: I said I don't won't to go and if I say NO, I don't have to
{shoes are off again}

{deep breath, be strong mom}
Me: said you have to go, and if I say YES, you have to. End of story

Three dogs run outside, Rango is off to find Scout, his girlfriend. Zeus and Fancy chase bunnies. Ruby, 4 yr old neighbor across the street is outside, she is terrified of Rango. She starts screaming. I chase them. Luke runs outside naked, Tiffany following with a diaper he just ripped off, covered head to toe in a rash. Boys still refuse to get in car, their socks get wet from the storm last night. They take their socks off. No shoes, no socks, three dogs outside, Luke is naked, and no one is in the car.

In the end I am not sure I really won...

BTW - Both boys cried at drop off.
Time for a Drink, right??


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