Searching for Bluebonnets....a sneak peak

Friday, April 29, 2011
Bluebonnets are elusive this year. 
Almost as elusive as a picture of my belly. 
While searching for a location for annual bluebonnet pictures with the boys
Tara did find something special.... 

{more to come!}

Countdown to Luke: 20

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello in there!

Hello Lucky!
We see you in there!

Yesterday I had my 36 week sonogram
This was the last time Daddy and I will see you before you arrive
Right now you and I are fighting for space
and you are winning.
You like to kick me in my hip bones, and bladder
You hiccup all day long
and stretch your arms so they poke me in my ribs
You are in the 65 percentile and very proportionate, they say
So i wonder if that means you wont have a big head??
I have gained 10 pounds in just the last 2 weeks
which puts me 2 pounds away from being as big as I was with Nicky
so you are on track to being my biggest baby yet!
~Or maybe that means, I' will be the biggest this time~
They predict you to be about 7 and a half pounds by May 18th
Brandon was 7 lbs, 3 oz and Nicky was 8 lbs 11 oz. 
I gained 32lbs with Nick, 21lbs with Brandon
and on track for 35lbs - ish with you.
Either way you will be perfect
and we can't wait to meet you
looking at the picture below...
I''m hoping your nose will not be that big

Baby Shower Fashion Faux Pas

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
I contradict myself: In one post I write how picky I am about everything being perfect and then I go and do what I consider a FASHION FAUX PAS!! I wore {and was photographed} in the same outfit TWICE! Oh the Horror! {on a side note - I must have helped keep Rent the Runway in business last year!}

Anyways, back in 2008, I found this great Alice & Olivia tunic/dress (!?) for my babyshower with Nicky. I loved it. It was blue. It was cute. It was strapless. It hid my belly well. haha.

Fast forward 3 years later - 3rd baby, 2nd shower, what to wear?  After searching unsuccessfully for another suitable outfit for my shower for Luke, I settled on my old standby and Vinatge (can I call it Vintage?) A&O tunic.

Some things I notice - How adorable is my mom and sister?? :) And apparently 3 years ago I parted my bangs on the other side :) I will not discuss lack of a tan, my puffy face, and larger belly...

This is why Dan and I fight

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
I bought these last year and Nicky proudly wore them all summer, euro style.
these swim pants have been lovingly passed down to Brandon
Look at all the options for Nicky this summer!
Dan's getting a matching pair ;)

Housekeeper for Hire!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Breaking Child Labor Laws Again
I hire him out for $10 a day
and he does the floor at no extra cost!

Searching for a Going Home Outfit

I spend a lot of time worrying about things that don't really matter. For example
  • What to dress the boys in for any picture, holiday, or sporting event
  • A theme and coordinating EVERYTHING for parties
  • Birth Announcements
  • Our Yearly Christmas Cards
  • A custom Maternity Hospital Gown 
  • And from my last post, the perfect newborn props too
So it should come as no surprise that I  also need to find the perfect "Going Home" outfit for Luke. I  like to have something "special" that was just theirs; that I will put in a shdow box, along with their birth announcement, hospital tags, and hang on the wall to remember.

I found Nicky's outfit at Haute Baby {since closed, so sad} and it was Kissy Kissy. It had embroidered trains on it and it was so soft and cute. It's hanging in his room and reminds me everyday of his arrival.

Brandon's was from Ralph Lauren and was a pantsuit at first, but since it was 110 degrees when I deleivered, I quickly switched for a cute blue and white striped onsie and coordinating cap and socks. I have yet to make his shadow box, but I promise I will before Luke arrives!

I haven't decided on Luke's outfit yet, but I have found three outfits that I NEED, so maybe one of them will be it. I think I am leaning towards Option 1. Luke needs a Burberry shortall, right???

Newborn Pictures {when Luke arrives}

As I head down the final stretch, I have started to look for outfits, hats, and props for my upcoming newborn/family pictures for Luke. It was now that I realized that I never posted pictures from our Family & Brandon's newborn session from back in July 2009 - I wasn't blogging then; we were dealing with a 14 month old and moving into our new house. Looking back,  we were pretty crazy to do what we did before Brandon was born. So I am documenting it now. :)

1 week after Brandon was born, this is what we were dealing with...

I found his announcement that I sent out and it is posted here

Below are some ideas I have for Luke's first photoshoot. I SO so so so  want to get angel wings, but not sure if they are too girly. But, I just adore them and it will piss Dan off, so i will probably do it. I just love the colorful bow-ties and the wood buttons on some of the knit hats. I can't wait!

Below are the pictures we took of our new family in 2009. Nicky was 14 months old, our house was a week old and Brandon is 2 weeks old. You can also see the rest of them here

In One Month

Monday, April 18, 2011
 Dear Luke, we are cheating...
You're not supposed to come until May 28th
really 6 weeks away...
but the Dr. wants me -US - to be healthy and I cannot go into labor
I am having my third c-section at 38 weeks so nothing "catastrophic" happens.
But it wont.
The only thing catastrophic so far, has been my enormous thighs swallowing up my knees 
and my rear end starting to become the 8th world wonder. 
So, the countdown is on. 
30 days till you arrive. 
30 more days of pregnancy. 
30 more days of O'Douls.
30 more days of gluttony
30 more days of your strong kicks in my bladder. 
30 more days before we become a Party of Five.
I can't wait to see your face
I cant wait to see your toes
I cant wait to hold you
smell you, touch you.
I cant wait to see YOU
AND I cant wait to have my body back
I cant wait to see my knees
I cant wait to drink and eat sushi
I cant wait to be done
And I cant wait to tell you how you completed our family.
I cant wait to tell you I love you.
I cant wait to tell you how LUCKY I am.
May 18th can't come soon enough.

Here is your mommy at 34 weeks....tanning you and her white body in the sun.

Brandon is 21 Months!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Dear Brandon,

I only have to look at your sweet face, your rosy cheeks, and your light blond hair blowing in the breeze and I know how much I love you and how much you have me wrapped around your precious little finger. 21 months you have been in our life and we are so blessed. I often watch the video where I saw you for the first time, amazed and filled with wonder...and it just reminds me how quickly time changes and goes by. You are our angel, with an angel face and an angel personality. When your devil side comes out, its always a shock, and hard not to laugh at some of your little tantrums.

You are turning into such a big boy - so strong - so silly. You climb on everything and stand on tables. You are growing so tall and you now have a neck! Your legs are thinning out and your baby belly is getting smaller. Your hair is growing longer and you will not sit still for a haircut, despite bribes of lollipops and candy.

You adore your big brother and copy everything he does. He makes a silly sound, then you do. Nicky jumps off the bed, then you do. Nicky runs and slides across the grass, then you do. You guys chase each other around the house for hours and watching the two of you play is something that I never thought would make me so happy to see.

At 21 months you are starting to say more and more. You have added numerous words to your vocabulary and by now you can repeat almost everything we ask you to. You know how to say ABC and 123, but you refuse to say it to us. I'll be honest, it's hard not to compare where you are to Nicky when he was 21 months. But you are doing so well. We work with you daily and every night, one of us has special time with you to read a book and hold you before we put you down for bed. I love this time. You lay in my arms while I sing you songs that make me happy to be a mother.

You love to dance and  jump.  You LOVE Roxy and Zeusy and follow them around asking for kisses. They are so good with you. You love to play upstairs with all the toys Nicky ignores - and you are much more a homebody than Nicholas. You will sit an watch Baby Einstein forever if you could. You point out all the animals, trucks, cars, pictures, and make us so proud.

You LOVE milk - and it has caused lots of constipation issues, but you wont give it up. We unsuccessfully tried to get rid of your ninis. We caved after watching you cry huge alligator tears of distress. We will try again...but for now, you sleep, which means we sleep. Actually, no that's not true - you our awesome sleeper - have gotten into a very bad habit of waking up and crying for all the ninis you push through the slats of your crib. Thanks little guy.

Brandon, you light up my life, you bring sunshine into our house, your smile melts my heart. I love you so so very much and I am so proud that you are mine. I can't wait to watch you grow over the next couple of months and celebrate your 2nd birthday. Happy 21 months! xoxo

Almost THREE

Dear Nicholas,

Happy 35 months my big boy. My joy. My love. It's hard to believe 3 years ago I was sitting here wondering what you would look like, what you would do, how much you would change my life, when you would come so we could meet you. I know now that it has been the most incredible, rewarding, magical, and interesting experience. You are more than I could hope for. Next month you will be three. I am having a really hard time with these big birthdays. Each year is another year closer to your growing up and leaving me! It's funny {or sad}, that's all I think about sometimes - the last time you hold my hand, the last time you kiss me, the last time you say I love you...the last time you tell me I am your best friend. I know I am silly and absurd, but right now, 5 weeks before Luke is due, I am hardly rational...or sane; I'm hormonal and emotional. I have so much to say to you, teach you, share with you. I just love you. All of you. Everything.

Love Mommy.

{This picture is not the best quality, but it makes me smile. I can see you smirking at me, probably asking for a new toy, either way, you are so adorable and special. I love you}

The Last Hurrah!

A couple months ago I received the cutest invitation in my mail - it was for my very own "last hurrah".
It's hard to agree to a baby shower for a THIRD baby, but my friends {and Mom} insisted. I am so glad I agreed! Just look at how cute my Red and Blue Tricycle themed baby shower turned out. Not only did my friends go all out, they made it very special by having a Onsie-Making station, Luke's first Tricycle {which Nicky now thinks is his}the custom sugar cookie favors by Lacey, and Tara the consummate party planner, who made all the decorations herself...including the floral centerpieces.

It was really fun to have an afternoon with all my friends in Austin and celebrate Luke's future arrival. He is for sure going to be the best dressed baby boy! Thank you again to Tara, Stacie, Lacey, Tricia, Valerie, and my mom. You guys are truly special friends...and a special Thank You to Kendall of Fat Cat Bakery who made some homemade treats to share!
To all the ladies that attended...thank YOU for all the special gifts for Luke. I am off to write my Thank You cards! Finally :) xoxox

Sprintime in Abelingland

In Austin as summer approaches, it gets hot pretty quickly.
and STAYS hot.
By March, the dull brown hills and grass start to show signs of green
And the first signs of Spring are the pink blooms from the Texas redbuds trees
and then wildflowers explode in colorful fields perfect for Spring and Easter pictures!
Before the oppressive summer heat comes
everyone is outside to capitalize on our great Spring weather
Springtime in Abelingland IS:

hanging out at the local watering hole with Best buds...
enjoying the splash pad....
having to wear mom's sweater after getting soaked at breakfast....
welcoming 2,000 ladybugs to the neighborhood....

and enjoying the new roses....
making compost tea from worm poop....

Mommy doing Income taxes...while someone else sleeps...
pulling out the ghetto baby pool....
and of course, getting naked out front...

and showing off HOT new shoes...
and the first bluebonnet in the yard
{Annual Bluebonnet pictures coming soon!}

And that sums up springtime in Abelingland
...for now.

More musings from Master Nicholas

Scene: Playground at school. Nicky runs up to greet Daddy and I
Mommy: You did?! That's great honey, how come?
Nicky: For listening  - aaaaaaaalllllllll Day.

Scene: Nicky at Grandma Booba's
Mommy: Nicky, stop jumping on Grandma's couch with a lollipop
Nicky: I am NOT jumping Mom.
Mommy: Yes, you are.
Nicky: No I am hopping

Scene: Nicky playing with his Monster Trucks
Nicky: Mommy, Baby Luke can have all my Monster Trucks
Mommy:: That is so sweet Nicky. Good sharing
Nicky: Then I will get all new ones?
Mommy: Oh Nicky, you have this all figured out don't you? :)

Scene: Nicky just finished using the potty and he runs out of the bathroom.

Nicky: Auntie Val, come look at my poop. It's multicolored!

Scene: Friday after a BBQ with the Wilson's
Mommy: Nicky did you have fun tonight?
Nicky:  {thinking} No Mommy, Kylee Jo gives me a headache

Scene: watching TV
Nicky: Mommy, can I kiss you?
Mommy: {heart swelling} Yes Nicky
{Nicky kisses my shoulder}
Nicky: You're my best friend

Scene: Sunday afternoon
Mommy: Nicky, let's go to the store
Nicky: Are we getting a toy for Nicky, Brandon?
Mommy: Sure
Nicky: And Baby Luke
Mommy: Yes, we can get somehting for Baby Luke too
Nicky: and a dogbone for Roxy and Zeusey?
Mommy: Yes for them too. What about Daddy?
Nicky: Mommy, Daddy is not a puppy.

Scene: Going to the car
Mommy: Let's Go
Nicky: Vamanos!

Sneak Peak: School Ties

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Sneak Peak of the boys Spring Class pictures at Primrose!

Guess How Much I Love You

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
When Nicholas was born I could not read sappy books or sing sappy lullabyes without breaking into tears. 
If I even looked at the book 
"Guess How Much I Love You"
I would tear up
When I read the last time of the book
-I love you all the way to the moon and back-
that I knew what that meant
because I felt it everytime I looked at Nicholas
I held a stuffed Nut Brown Hare when I went in to deliver Brandon

Despite 3 boys, it takes everything in my will power not to re-do the nursery in blue bunnies
 Today I end my blog with my {hardly original} motto, but  it was all encompassing and meaningful to me as a Mother.
When I saw these cookies on Etsy, I screamed out in delight!
It inspired me to tell you guys why I have "I love you to the moon and back" as my signature
And then had ordered some cookies :)


Monday, April 4, 2011
{I posted to Facebook last week, but want to capture this in my blog too}
The other night, I was home watching the boys. 
After dinner, Brandon "disappeared"
After frantically searching the house
I spotted him outside
I peaked over our balcony
and looked down to the grass below 
{whipped out my camera}
to capture this moment
perched on the lounge chair
was Brandon - my little lounge lizard taking in the evening
enjoying his night cap of milk

Blogging on the Go!

Friday, April 1, 2011
I downloaded a blogging app to write blog posts from my phone or iPad! Fun.

Here is a pic of a typical morning breakfast at our house!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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