Brandon is 21 Months!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Dear Brandon,

I only have to look at your sweet face, your rosy cheeks, and your light blond hair blowing in the breeze and I know how much I love you and how much you have me wrapped around your precious little finger. 21 months you have been in our life and we are so blessed. I often watch the video where I saw you for the first time, amazed and filled with wonder...and it just reminds me how quickly time changes and goes by. You are our angel, with an angel face and an angel personality. When your devil side comes out, its always a shock, and hard not to laugh at some of your little tantrums.

You are turning into such a big boy - so strong - so silly. You climb on everything and stand on tables. You are growing so tall and you now have a neck! Your legs are thinning out and your baby belly is getting smaller. Your hair is growing longer and you will not sit still for a haircut, despite bribes of lollipops and candy.

You adore your big brother and copy everything he does. He makes a silly sound, then you do. Nicky jumps off the bed, then you do. Nicky runs and slides across the grass, then you do. You guys chase each other around the house for hours and watching the two of you play is something that I never thought would make me so happy to see.

At 21 months you are starting to say more and more. You have added numerous words to your vocabulary and by now you can repeat almost everything we ask you to. You know how to say ABC and 123, but you refuse to say it to us. I'll be honest, it's hard not to compare where you are to Nicky when he was 21 months. But you are doing so well. We work with you daily and every night, one of us has special time with you to read a book and hold you before we put you down for bed. I love this time. You lay in my arms while I sing you songs that make me happy to be a mother.

You love to dance and  jump.  You LOVE Roxy and Zeusy and follow them around asking for kisses. They are so good with you. You love to play upstairs with all the toys Nicky ignores - and you are much more a homebody than Nicholas. You will sit an watch Baby Einstein forever if you could. You point out all the animals, trucks, cars, pictures, and make us so proud.

You LOVE milk - and it has caused lots of constipation issues, but you wont give it up. We unsuccessfully tried to get rid of your ninis. We caved after watching you cry huge alligator tears of distress. We will try again...but for now, you sleep, which means we sleep. Actually, no that's not true - you our awesome sleeper - have gotten into a very bad habit of waking up and crying for all the ninis you push through the slats of your crib. Thanks little guy.

Brandon, you light up my life, you bring sunshine into our house, your smile melts my heart. I love you so so very much and I am so proud that you are mine. I can't wait to watch you grow over the next couple of months and celebrate your 2nd birthday. Happy 21 months! xoxo


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