Baby Shower Fashion Faux Pas

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
I contradict myself: In one post I write how picky I am about everything being perfect and then I go and do what I consider a FASHION FAUX PAS!! I wore {and was photographed} in the same outfit TWICE! Oh the Horror! {on a side note - I must have helped keep Rent the Runway in business last year!}

Anyways, back in 2008, I found this great Alice & Olivia tunic/dress (!?) for my babyshower with Nicky. I loved it. It was blue. It was cute. It was strapless. It hid my belly well. haha.

Fast forward 3 years later - 3rd baby, 2nd shower, what to wear?  After searching unsuccessfully for another suitable outfit for my shower for Luke, I settled on my old standby and Vinatge (can I call it Vintage?) A&O tunic.

Some things I notice - How adorable is my mom and sister?? :) And apparently 3 years ago I parted my bangs on the other side :) I will not discuss lack of a tan, my puffy face, and larger belly...


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