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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Scene: Playground at school. Nicky runs up to greet Daddy and I
Mommy: You did?! That's great honey, how come?
Nicky: For listening  - aaaaaaaalllllllll Day.

Scene: Nicky at Grandma Booba's
Mommy: Nicky, stop jumping on Grandma's couch with a lollipop
Nicky: I am NOT jumping Mom.
Mommy: Yes, you are.
Nicky: No I am hopping

Scene: Nicky playing with his Monster Trucks
Nicky: Mommy, Baby Luke can have all my Monster Trucks
Mommy:: That is so sweet Nicky. Good sharing
Nicky: Then I will get all new ones?
Mommy: Oh Nicky, you have this all figured out don't you? :)

Scene: Nicky just finished using the potty and he runs out of the bathroom.

Nicky: Auntie Val, come look at my poop. It's multicolored!

Scene: Friday after a BBQ with the Wilson's
Mommy: Nicky did you have fun tonight?
Nicky:  {thinking} No Mommy, Kylee Jo gives me a headache

Scene: watching TV
Nicky: Mommy, can I kiss you?
Mommy: {heart swelling} Yes Nicky
{Nicky kisses my shoulder}
Nicky: You're my best friend

Scene: Sunday afternoon
Mommy: Nicky, let's go to the store
Nicky: Are we getting a toy for Nicky, Brandon?
Mommy: Sure
Nicky: And Baby Luke
Mommy: Yes, we can get somehting for Baby Luke too
Nicky: and a dogbone for Roxy and Zeusey?
Mommy: Yes for them too. What about Daddy?
Nicky: Mommy, Daddy is not a puppy.

Scene: Going to the car
Mommy: Let's Go
Nicky: Vamanos!


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