The Daily Cuteness of Master Nicholas

Monday, August 31, 2009
Nicholas enjoying a 70 degree morning in Austin (Finally!) I can't wait for fall and all the cute new clothes for Mr. Nicholas!

Daily Musings and some Snazzy Shoes

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Brandon's announcement went out! Yay. He looks so serene and simply gorgeous. :)

This week I signed Brandon up for daycare at Children's Center of Austin until he can get into the same school as Nicky. I have mixed emotions... At this same stage in Nicky's life, we already had Deisy (or old nanny) coming to the house to watch him. I did not have to get him ready in the morning and prepare bottles, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc...It was all there at home.

Brandon starts next week. I was holding him in my arms as he fell asleep tonight and kept thinking how little he is and how he still needs me. Nicky was at least 10 months old when he left the house and we no longer needed a Nanny. Still so little, but he was ready. He was walking and starting to talk. We felt that more socialization would just benefit his development. It was a great deciusion. We love it and we love all of Nicky's classmates. And he has already learned so much! Every day i think to myself, "Where did you learn that??"

He knows where his eye, nose, mouth and ears are. He will go get his shoes when getting dressed, he holds his feet out for socks, he will throw away his diaper in the garbage, he knows the ipod is for music, he can turn off my computer, he picks up the phone and says "hi", he will blow kisses, pet the doggies -  I adore him. I adore both of them.

Today I took him with me to get Dan some new work shoes. We also stopped by the ladies shoe section of course.. I will do anything to entertain a 15 month old on the cusp of a tantrum. Stilettos work!

I have 2 weeks of pictures and videos to upload of my beautiful babies but it is getting late and I need to sleep while Brandon is sleeping. I will post more this week.



The newest Abeling Boy - Meet Valco!

Monday, August 24, 2009
When registering for my first baby, nothing stressed me out more than strollers: Light weight, umbrella, jogging, snap-n-go, travel systems, the ORBIT! I had no idea where to start, so I bought 3. They worked, but barely.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I started researching double/twin strollers and was no better off than the first time. Again, there are just as many options and I despised my previous purchases except for the awesome Snap-N-Go. (A Must for every Mom) I did not want to end up with another stroller that ended up in the stroller cemetery, or the garage.

I googled High End Strollers and came across a website called "Let's Go Strolling". It was a fabulous site and quickly called for a Stroller Consultation. This time I was going to do it right -   the "Rolls Royce" of strollers the B.O.B. I was so sure this was what they would recommend, but it turns out they recommended the valco and baby Jogger. Apparently, the B.O.B. has a huge cult following and even if you buy one, you most likely will love it, even if its not the right fit. I don't jog or hike, so did I really need the B.O.B? I wanted the Bumbleride because it was pretty, however, after my stroller consultation and $800 poorer, we are the proud new parents of the granddaddy of all strollers: A Valco Runabout Twin Stroller

 I had to buy some accessories too: a sun canopy/UV shade, snack trays, and some Muslin wraps from Aiden and Anais. Nothing to do with strollers, but so cute! Perfect for swaddling, quick tummy time blanket or sun shade in the car!

Oh and about my other boys...

Lets see, Nicholas had his 15 month check up last Friday. he had a growth spurt and is now in the 80th percentile for height. His weight went down, which means he got taller and skinnier :)
His head is still in the 40th percentile. He weighs 26 pounds now, wears 18 - 24 month and a size 5.5 shoe. He loves his Crocs! I used to hate them. but they have to be the cutest in little boys and girls

His favorite hobbies are playing in the pool, water fountains at the mall, playing in the backyard with the hose, dancing and watching Play with Me Sesame. He had a word explosion this week and added many more words to his repertoire. His recent words are: Elmo, train, cracker, eye, blue, bubu (blueberries), out, "abc", and Zeus. (Poor Roxy!) His favorite word is MORE. He also picked some paper off the floor and put it in the garbage! I adore that boy.

As for Brandon, well he eats. A lot. I am completely drained. and to make things even easier for mommy, he doesn't like the pacifiers, although those new GumDrops by Soothie ones are too cute! He is starting to take a bottle and I ended up buying the Liquid Gold of formula again to help with the spit up : Infamil AR. He is starting to be more alert and awake. His just had his 6 week birthday and finally pooped with out the help of a baby suppository. We had a blow out!

He is starting to coo more and gurgle. When I whistle he smiles. Its hard not to compare them, and its strange how quickly I forgot what Nicky was like at this age. I am sure I think Brandon is a genius just like Nicky. He can hold his head up for about a minute now and is starting to respond to noises around him. Hes getting used to his bouncy chair and tonight dad got him to sleep in his papsan swing. Thank God. I am a little sad that Brandon does not have the Abeling tail, but maybe as is hair grows out that will change. Nicholas was blemish free and little Brando (or BiBi as Val and Shauna call him) has a stork bite on the back of his neck and a teeny tiny one on his forehead. It also looks like he is getting Frank's hairline - a widow's peak. His hair is not falling out, but seems to be growing in dark! I wonder if he will have dark brown hair?? And speaking of hair, it's almost time for Nicky to get his cut. Maybe in time for Brandon's Baptism...

I also signed Brandon up for his new Daycare. He can not get into the same school as Nicky right now, so I set him up at the Children's Center of Austin. He starts Sept 10th. That gives mommy 3 weeks of freedom before she goes back to work. I better enjoy it and make it count!



First Post

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Welcome to Adventures in Abelingland!

I hope to keep my family and friends posted on the daily (or weekly) activities of the Abeling boys, Nicholas and Brandon.


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