Fantastical Brandon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Dear Banjo,

Hello littlest big man. You are a whopping 8 months old today and what a bundle of joy you are. I believe God gave me what I could handle, and he did me right with you. What a happy, independent, charming little boy you are. You constantly make Daddy and I realize that having a baby CAN BE relaxing. mostly.

Not that you don't have your moments, but those months of sleepless nights seem to be behind us, and we just have BIG firsts to get excited about. These past couple of weeks have been big for you. First we have 2 new top teeth, and now you have four. You've learned to bite. And leave marks. And you squeal with delight and this new discovery.

You make lots of new sounds; yep, yip, and lalala, dadada, and bababa are new to your vocabulary. You've started blowing raspberries and you crack yourself up with the sounds you make.

Your plump little legs have gotten so strong; you are crawling super fast, pulling yourself up like a superchamp and you SOOOOO want to be like your big brother, you are already letting go and taking steps before you tumble to the ground.

You also have a soft spot for me...and I love it. Its fantastical. The next 4 months are going to be crazy, so hang on, my little man, and lets go to the moon!

I love you as high as the moon.
xo Mommy

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