Soccer Mom Part II

Thursday, March 18, 2010
I realized after I posted THIS, I left of 2 very important pieces of influence...

First - Valerie was the one kicking me in the shins. No kidding, but really she was so amazingly good at soccer, I was probably watching her and not paying attention, thus the bruised legs. I have a video at home, I will post tomorrow of Val playing soccer when she was 5. I think. Still, worth watching

Second, Shauna, who played PROFESSIONAL soccer for the San Diego Spirit and has 1800 nieces and nephews knows all about being a Soccer Mom. She and Val bought Nicky his first offical MLS Soccer ball last summer.

I look to them to provide valuable coaching lessons and kicking techniques. They are also on the hook for funding all lessons until he is 18. haha.


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