My Letter to Nicholas - 17 months

Monday, October 19, 2009
Dear Nicholas,

Happy 17 month birthday, my angel. I've decided to write you a letter each month to document your accomplishments and try to capture what life is like for you at this time. Needless to say, you (and your brother) have become what I live for. I love watching you develop into my little man. I wont say that these past months are easy - you are a handful! You're daddy and I never know what will come next with you. Nicky, you are wild, completely unpredictable, non-stop chaos and delight, willful and adorable, smart and playful, curious and stubborn. You test us each day, mostly Daddy...Mommy has more patience :).

At 17 months, you have become very vocal and make sure we all know. I tried making a list of all your words, but now I can't keep up. This month, you started shaking your head Yes and No. You can repeat almost any word we say. You will often throw your hands up and say "I don't know". Right now we are working on "Trick or Treat", but it's still a tongue twister. I have no doubt you will have it down pat in time for Halloween.

You can say the names of your friends at school, especially Kylee Jo. It comes out...Kaiyee. Speaking of school, I love watching you through the window before we pick you up. I can't describe the rush of emotion I feel every time I see you so independent - playing with your friends, dancing to the music, covered in paint, or even sitting by your self reading a book. I am so proud of you.

Nicholas, you must get this from me - you love books. I think most kids do, but I hope this love stays with you. It will open up a whole new world for you one day. I can't wait to read you the Harry Potter series. Mostly because I can't wait to read them again!

Right now you sit in the "book closet" before bedtime and we read all your books. We try to finish off with Good Night Moon - it seems to calm you down - if that's possible. Then we say "Good Night Daddy, Mommy, Brandon (baby), Roxy, Zeus, Grandmas and Grandpas, Alex, Val, Frank, and Amy." and then we go to your room, turn on your lullaby music, give you your nini, your blankets, and you grab all the tags and put them to your ear.

I kiss you good night and *hope* that you will lay down and go to sleep. If we are lucky you do, if not, its about 10 - 30 minutes of you crying out for us. It breaks our hearts, and many times Daddy gives in and goes up there to sing you softly to sleep. He sings "Good Night Nicky, Good Night Nicky, Good Night Nicky, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight." it works. You adore your Daddy.

At 17 months you can eat with a fork and spoon. You love to drink out of a water bottle and can even put the cap back on. At dinner time like to play with your food, and usually throw it all on the floor for the doggies to pick up. You say "Ca" for Chocolate because Daddy gives you Hershey Kisses. You tell us when you want juice or milk or water. Your favorite foods are still fruit and crackers, but you also like hot dogs, fish, chicken, pasta, anything Mexican or Thai or Chinese. Usually the best way to get you to eat EVERYTHING is to feed you on our laps. This is like a treat for you!

Nicky, you are so loving. You will kiss us and hug us. Sometimes bite us. That's fun.

Every morning when you wake up you climb up on our bed and hug the doggies. Roxy and Zeus usually respond by licking you all over. This makes you laugh. You are so ticklish and we love to rough house with you. You usually say MORE! MORE! and we have to flip you upside down until you are dizzy and we are exhausted.

I love to hear you say Mommy, to watch you sweep the floor, to hear you say Ra for Roxy. I love watching you run around the couch and wait for us to catch you. I love watching you fall asleep, and I can't wait to feel your arms around me. I love it when you smile and when you say a new word. I love your little tail, and the color of your eyes. I love it when you clap after you have accomplished something. I love when you hold my hand. I love when you draw on the new floors and when you run away from dead bugs. I love dressing you in cute clothes and watching you run around naked. I love when you kiss your brother, and when you fall asleep with Daddy. I love YOU and love being your Mommy. I am so lucky you are mine.

I love you always,



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