Nicholas and Avery: Best Friends!

Monday, October 12, 2009
2 years ago I called one of my best friends Hilary to tell her I was pregnant. The call went something like this
Vicci: Hilary, Guess what?
Hilary: what?
Vicci: I am pregnant!
Hilary: Um, can I call you back?
Vicci: Sure...

so Hilary hung up and I tried to decided if i still liked her or not (jk!). Not 5 minutes later, she called me back with the news, "We're pregnant too!" So it turns out we were 1 week apart. May 10, 2008 Nicholas was born and 18 days later, Avery Elizabeth was welcomed. We try to see each other as much as we can and getting pictures of the 2 little ones together has been a highlight. Here are some of my favorites of their last 17
They met for the first time in Aug 08. Here they are at 3 months at Nicholas' Baptism

Then they met again at Christmas for a baby play date! Both were sitting up by then!

 Hilary and Eric came to visit this weekend and they met again at 17 months! We had a great weekend in Austin. Both of them have grown up so much and enjoyed playing with each other. I hope they stay great friends for a long time!


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