Brandon is 3 months!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brandon turned 3 months old on Saturday! My baby is no longer considered a baby, but an infant! 3 months has many milestones for babies and Brandon seems to be on track. Click here to see what a 3 month old is up to!

Brandon is about 14 pounds now and is starting to fit into size 3-6. I am still trying to get through most of Nicky's 0-3 stuff before I pack it away for Valerie. (But Val's having girls, so i don't know why I bother! UPDATE: AMY or ALEX too! I don't care, I just want some NIECES!!!)

Brandon's hair is starting to grow and he is not losing it like Nicky did. Unfortunately there still seems to be no sign of the Abeling tail, and it makes me a little sad. I love Nickys. BUT, I do see a small widows peak, like his Uncle Frank, so maybe the Abeling's are know for peaks AND tails. :) aren't they lucky?

This past week he rolled over about 3 or 4 times, but its still a great effort and I have not been able to catch the actual event on video yet!  He is wasting no time, and has accomplished front to back and back to front. He can hold his upper body up for long periods at a time, and has even spent some time in his Bumbo chair, albeit a bit wobbly at first. You can see him working very hard to sit up. I went back and checked and at the same time (13 weeks) was when we first put Nicky in the Bumbo too. We have started some baby calestenics and working on our sit ups.

Brandon is "talking" a lot now. He will spend 10- 15 minutes chatting and singing about his day when he is hanging out in your lap. He loves to sit facing you so he can see you. He is a very smilely baby and loves to stick out his tounge. He is learning to grasp and bring things to his mouth, and I belive he has started to teethe. I can feel some sharp points in his lower gums and all the drooling is making a gorgeous rash around his lips. Nicky's first tooth was visible at week 20, but he started teething right around his Baptism between 3 -4 months.  

Brandon is a little bit easier baby because he will hang out in your arms, on the floor, in a chair, or swing and let you get some things done around the house. He also likes to be carried around in the baby carrier after he is done crying. :)

Brandon is still not sleeping through the night which has been very difficult. He goes about 4 hours and then tends to get up every 2/3 after that. He loves to be swaddled and it comforts him so i am hoping ecentually he will catch on and start sleeping or Mommy will go crazy. He is still sleeping in his Amby and in our room. Until he can sleep through the night, he will stay with us.

Here is a side by side comparison of Nicky and Brandon at 13 weeks:



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