Easter Weekend in Abelingland, Austin

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Happy Easter from Abelingland! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun filled weekend of multiple Easter egg hunts, Easter pinatas (!), tractors (of course), candy, family and friends. Grandma Booba, Grandpa Bob, Auntie Val and Shauna all flew in.

We started on Saturday morning with the crazy Steiner Ranch Easter Egg Hunt. We saw all his friends, Kylee Jo, Haylee, Alex & Evan, Jack and McKenna, Hudson, Michael and Ella. They had over thousands of eggs, face painting, petting zoo (Brandon especailly loved the goats) and a fire track! I was excited to see Nicky hunt for eggs this year, since last year, he was still too little to understand. Just about the same age as Brandon is now.
After the Easter egg hunt, Auntie Val made me take Nicky to get his mullet removed. I cringe just thinking about haircuts. He hasn't had a haircut since his first cut back in Sept. The girl had to sit on the floor while Nicky played with the trains to get some hair cut. And all they were able to do was cut that  first baby curl off...anyways that was a nightmare, and this this time we were much more successful.
Saturday night, we had dinner at Boat House Grill, were we listened to music, watched Nicky play on the playscape, ate hushpuppies and watched the grass grow ;)
Easter Sunday we woke up and decorated Easter Eggs. It was also Shauna's birthday so we made a red velvet cake for her. Yum. The birthday girl got to vote on the best looking egg. Nicky's egg was so pretty! but I came in 1st and second! Yay me. We hid all the plastic eggs my mom MAILED to us (In a huge box, filled with baskets and treats!) around the front yard and Nicky and Brandon had fun finding all the eggs. Nicky even found one in a tree! Some were filled with cars! Horray!
Or neighbors invited us over for their 2nd Easter pinata party and Nicky enjoyed playing with all the neighborhood kids and collecting all the treats that fell from the sky. Dan's father Ray and friend Achim came for dinner. Mom got Tyler's pulled pork recipe and we let that little Boston butt cook for 7 hours until it "pulled" off the bone. We also had tater tots, corn, corn bread, and broccoli -  served dinner on my fine china :)
I took Monday off to enjoy the day with my sister. She decided to take Nicky out of school, and left me at home by myself, while she and Shauna took Nicky to see some tractors. figures.
Overall it was a great weekend and hope you all had a great one too!


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