A story about a Mouse and a Duck, Quack Quack.

Monday, April 12, 2010
Growing up, I toot-tooted. I was not allowed to say the word Fart. Even now, I still have a hard time saying Fart. (Sometimes I say a "Omg, a mouse on a motorcycle!" Dan always falls for it too) 

I assumed as my boys grew up, I would also teach them to "toot toot." I never thought I would need to do it so soon. Imagine my dismay (or laughter) when Nicky the other day told me "Nicky farted."  He thinks this is hilarious. I am so lucky.

Last weekend when Shauna and Val were her,  Shauna, um...well she toot tooted! and she said "Omg! what was that?!"

My precocious little boy Nicky said "A duck, quack quack."

with a stright face.



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