Thursday, April 1, 2010
Dear Sweet Boys,

I am not looking forward to the day you stop holding my hand, letting me kiss you, dress you, walk you to school, take your pictures, and all the random hugs I sneak in.  Is it OK that I want you to be mommy's boys, never grow up and stay with me forever? I know this time is fleeting, so I am going to soak up as much as I can until I haver to let go.

What I AM looking forward to, is when you find "the one" (and I get to plan the wedding!!) and you get married;  I hope you are as happy as your Daddy and I. Instead of listing all the corny things I love about your Dad, I thought showing you a funny email would suffice for today.

This morning I recieved an email from Daddy that said "Can I go?" and attached was an email from one of your Daddy's best friend Mark about their plans to have another Boys Trip this summer. In the message, Mark listed out some of the rules for the trip. Here is a snapshot of the email and "rules" that made me laugh out loud.

"...Because we all have busy lives and Dan may have this 3rd or 4th kid by Fall, I suggest we start planning now so we can set aside work, family, Dan's 6 kids, etc., and give plenty of notice. ....
Only other rules I suggest are:

1. We keep additional invites to bare minimum. If we want to invite someone else, all 3 of us as founders have right to veto.
2. Person who is designated to plan trip does so from start to finish (e.g., activity, lodging, restaurant reservs, etc). I only mean make plans, not actually pay.
3. Dan can only call Vicci twice a day and has a cap of 3 "babes" per day.
4. No blackberrying work...."

 Nicky, you have even started calling us "babe" we say it so much.

So here is to LOVE and wishing the two of you great LOVE in your future too.



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