Nicholas Potty Update

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Last October marked a new milestone for Nicholas. A Big Boy Toilet. A new beginning and endless "Potty Candy". An end in sight for diapers...??

We had no agenda, he's not even 2 yet.  We just provided the toilet and the temptation. (usually marshmallows, m&ms, and jelly beans) Then it faded and he lost all interest. And the toilet sat and collected dust.

Then last week everything changed....Peepee became a hot topic and Nicky started taking his diaper just to dash to the potty and go.  Afterwards, so proud of himself, he runs naked around the house, occasionally jumping with glee, laughing and making sure Daddy knew what he did.

Now we can expect potty usage about 4-5 times a day, however, big boy underwear has no bearing on his decisions to use the potty or not. So we do a lot of wash.

In any case, we are well on our way to being diaper free! Way to Go, Nicky!

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