Guest Blogger: Grandma Booba (Bubba)

Friday, April 9, 2010
Last month I posted about "Something New" to Abelingland. A Guest Blogger! As I have mentioned before, I started writing this blog so I could capture funny stories, milestones, and memories to share with the boys when they get older -  the Story of their Life! I asked my family to be a guest blogger once a month to share something they would like the boys to know, whether it be a picture of them when they were little, a favorite book, a story, or anything that comes to mind. My goal is that the boys also have a little piece of them too.

I asked Valerie to be the first blogger, and as you can imagine, Val spent the last 2 weeks sweating, full of anxiety and teetering on the edge of cliff. Kinda like when she had to give the Maid of Honor speech at my wedding. (Thank you Kathleen and Amy for keeping her drunk and calm) Although that turned out great, even if my money tree is dead!

So being the best twin sister I am, I gave Auntie Val a pass and my Mom stepped THANK YOU Mom. I know the boys will treasure this forever...

Dear Nicholas and Brandon,

There is so much to say about being CERTAIN of what you want.

All I ever remember is wanting to be married, by twenty five, with a big diamond, a real house (no apartment), and twins by the time I was 30.

As luck would have it...... all my wishes came true, accept for the apartment (lived in one for 4 months). Having Victoria and Valerie were the best thing that ever happened to me........ until May 10th 2008.

Who would think that one teeny tiny baby boy could mean so much?????

I didn't carry him, I didn't give birth to him and yet my whole world changed that day. Nicholas filled my heart like nothing I could or would have ever imagined....... The complete love I felt for him immediately was pretty shocking. Yes, I wanted grandchildren, but if it happened great, if not it would still be okay.

Truthfully, I really am not that fond of kids....... I HATE CRYING BABIES.... as my two had colic for 6 months, so if I never heard another baby cry I would be content.

Being so far away from Nicky was torture for me, but I saw him every month of his first year except for the month of September, so we did bond!!!!!!!!! I longed to hear his cry and to comfort him. Vicci was so wonderful about posted weekly pictures, so BOB and I did not miss a thing. To see him roll over, laugh, crawl and walk were amazing. Hearing him say words and sentences, incredible. Selfishly, having him call me Bubba, (Nicky's version of BOOBA, Texas style) was the cat's meow. He is so smart and funny and such a little athlete already (must be in the genes). What on earth could be better than this.........and then a second one???

Yes, another new baby boy. Will I love him as much? Is there room in my heart for another grandson? Oh my God yes!!!!

Brandon was born July 10th, fourteen months after Nicholas, so we had to bond with this beautiful boy. It was a little bit harder as Brandon did not like the bottle in between nursing as Nicky did. So, bonding was not as easy. Also, I did not come out as often, but one week Vicci came home for work and I had Brandon to myself....... WE bonded and I fell madly, deeply in love. He is precious and sweet and he somehow wormed his way into my heart and just made it bigger and they both fit perfectly within the walls of my beating heart.


Grandma BOOBA



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