Elmo Birthday Bash for the Triplets!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Natalie is a super mom. Literally. She has a daughter Madyson, 7 and 3 almost 1 year old triplet boys, Austin, Blake and Carter. The trips happen to share the same birthday as Nicholas (May 10!), so that makes them cousins I think. ;).  She is married to one of Dan's best friends, James. Dan and James went to school at Cal Poly along with Steve, Craig, and Loren.  In June all of us are bringing the kids together - 11 between the 5 of us - for Steve and Shannon's wedding - the last of the guys to get married. It will be Romper Room 2010.

Yesterday Natalie asked me to recommend some of my favorite vendors on Etsy.com (my best friend remember) for an Elmo themed birthday she is planning for the boys ...so I had some time and I put together this little party board for her. La la la la, Elmo's world...


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