Christmas in California - 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Christmas 2009... It was a busy and hectic week visiting family and friends and enjoying the holiday season. We were lucky we even made it. We woke up late - 4:27 am to make a 6 am flight out of Austin. Not sure even how we even made it, but we did. Half way to the airport I also realized I forgot to pack formula for Brandon.  Luckily the stars aligned, we finagled our way through check in, flew through the handicapped security line (sorry!) and made it on our flight with moments to spare. I'd love to say that the boys slept and it was a piece of cake, but then I would be lying. Lets just say that  we made it and survived.

Wednesday morning we headed up to Grass Valley (an hour north of Sacramento) to visit my Dad and Ellen, but first made a stop in Alameda to visit Kathleen and her new baby Evan. What a sweet precious baby he is and I am jealous how great she looks and that he already sleeps. It only took B 5 months! In Grass Valley, we enjoyed good company, cool weather, the Great Debate of 2009, and good beer. It was nice to see the gimp (my dad broke his kneecap) and I enjoyed watching Brandon open his first gifts of the season. Nicky loved to run outside and feed the neighbor's horses.

Every Christmas eve Dan goes to his mom's house for her crabfest and poker games, while we have our own crabfest and pesto fest at my mom's. This Christmas Eve my mom had a big dinner party, and my Uncle Mikey flew in from Indianapolis and it was his first time meeting the boys. His daughter and my cousin Dawn Marie, my cousin Steven, and my Auntie Donna were also there to celebrate along with our neighbors Mitzi and Terry. It was even more special because my mom bought me a princess cake for my birthday! YUMMY! The only thing missing was Val. She was enjoying her Christmas having a pint in London - an awesome tradition we need to bring to the states.

After dinner, we changed the boys into their Christmas pajamas and put them to bed so Santa could come.  And boy did Santa come - Grandma Bubba and Grandpa Papa went all out. I was a little worried Nicky would be overwhelmed, but not only did he embrace the gift receiving practice, he made sure to open each and every gift to test it out. And how fun it is to open those boxes of kids toys. I love all those wires, bendy ties, and tape - each box is like fort knox! (Let me also stop here and point out that "Santa" aka, Bob and Lenore, also sent 2 huge and massive gifts before we left for the bay area. The boys came home to a new Playscape and Melissa and Doug Train table and Dan has more boxes in his garage! (ps, mom doesn't Bob want to RETIRE??! haha (and thank you)))

This was Brandon's first Christmas and he was happy to play in the paper and get some new chew toys for his teething. His favorite present was a crinkly star blanket and his new True Religion jeans. He also enjoyed chewing on all of Nicky's new trains. Nicky's favorite toys where his construction trucks, Wonder Pets Fly Boat, shake em up race car, musical school bus, and anything his little brother was playing with.

Christmas evening we had a lovely dinner at Grandma Lala's (Larissa) Nicky was in fine form making animal noises, while we had a break when Brandon went to bed early. This year we missed Crazy Uncle Frank and Auntie Amy who were spending the holidays with her family in the OC, and Auntie Jennie and cousin Katie were celebrating together in Philly. We hope next year we will all be together again. Nicky and Brandon got to meet Uncle Nick, play with Auntie Alex and Cooper, and hang with Papa Ray, Lee and Mark. It was a great way to end our Christmas of 2009...topped off with the gingerbread and pear cake!

Saturday morning we started really early visiting with Kelly and Alexis. Brandon and Nicky got to meet Alexis and play with their new friend. Kelly told her daughter "take your pick!" haha! (Alexis, stand in line...Avery, Kylee Jo, and Haylee,  may have something to say about that ) its so fun to see our kids together and will be great watching them grow up. Alexis is only 1 month older than Brandon and what a little doll..seriously, she poses at the camera. Its too cute.

Saturday night, my mom treated me, Roneeta, and Amy to a night out - dinner at Perbacco and the musical Wicked. Right before we left Bob surprised us with a treat - car service to the city! How fun and sweet! Roneeta coined a new phrase "How do I get a Bob?" (Lenore, do tell..?) All i can say is that Wicked has to be the best musical I have ever seen. I adored it. I loved having a girls night out while Dan (and Grandpa) watched the boys.  It made me a *teeny* bit less stressed, even knowing that Dan went out leaving them boys all alone with Grandpa.

Sunday was really relaxing, Dan went to get ramen with Ben, then to visit with Marcel and Connie, Peggy Lucey stopped by to visit and we got to see Marta, Steve, gorgeous Paloma, and darling Matteo. The big boys danced with Santa, while Steve cage fought with Brandon.

After the Sangervesi's left, Brandon, Nicky, and I went to visit with Jess, Dom, and Kyle. Nicky was enthralled with the train table, and we saw our futures when we get home - total consumption with trains, wheels, and things that go. Kyle is such a big strong boy, and he showed Nicky how to jump on a trampoline and how to ride a baby dinosaur, while Dom and Dan played with Brandon and talked guy stuff. It was hard to leave because it made us remember how much fun we used to have together and how much we miss our friends back home. We managed to survive because we had Round Table when we got back to moms! Seriously thinking of franchising out here in Austin....

and we left on Monday. I missed seeing lots of my usual friends, Claire and her family, Hilary, Eric and Avery, Mike, Nicole, and Parker...Tiffani didn't come home this year, and all my friends at VMware. but I love you all and will see you soon. Nicky misses Bubba and asks for her every day.

This week the boys are back at school and I am working from home  this week (can't you tell ;)??!)

Have a wonderful New Years and here is to a happy and healthy 2010!


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