Christmas Tree Shopping

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is my MOST favorite time of year. I love tree trimming! I love my red and green trees!  I love garland and cute ornaments! I love picking out the perfect tree. I couldn't wait for this weekend.

We took the boys to our local tree lot and Nicky picked out the perfect tree; a nine foot Noble fir. BTW, when did Christmas tree start costing over $100?!

Brandon enjoyed looking at all the trees and getting to wear a new knit hat. I think he looks thrilled to be christmas tree shopping, don't you? ;)

Nicky also had his first candy cane, and wasn't to sure about it at first, but quickly finished it and wanted more. He has a sweet tooth like his Mama.

We finished the decorations last night. Dan helped me with the lights (that's why they are all funky) if you look close, you may notice that we did not put any ornaments at little tiny finger level...or puppy level. I am afraid to go home to see what Zeus did with the tree...I hope he ignored it.

The front of the house is also done. I'll take pictures tonight! Merry Christmas!


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