Dear Brandon, Happy 9 months!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
 Dear Brandon,

Happy 9 months, my little man! It feels like it was just yesterday I was driving to the hospital to meet you. I can't believe you are growing so much and so fast and becoming so independent. Over the last nine months, you have collected quite a list of nicknames: Brandy Boy from the ladies at School, Brando from Valerie, BB from Josh. Before you were born I dreamt of you and in my dreams, you were my little Banjo. That's my pet name for you. But your Daddy and I, just love you. Nicky calls you "NO Brandon, Move". That's his way of loving you too.

mar 26 2010 043I also refer to you as the Happiest Baby of the Block. You continue to remind me, that not only were you another gift, but that baby boys can be easy and happy. I am constantly surprised that you like to play by yourself, how easy it is to rock you to sleep, to give you a toy to keep you busy, to HOLD you. and STAY there. It's quite a nice and refreshing change. It lets us chase after your brother!

You had your 9 month wellness check today and there was good news to report. You are growing strong and healthy.

weight 21.8 ounces - 70th percentile
Height: 29 inches - 75th percentile
Head - 46 cm - 70% percentile

DSC02002You have 7 teeth and another poking through. You can't clap yet or high five, but you get SO excited when we ask you to. We'll be working on it.

You're crawling all over, and sometimes when we turn our heads you are half way up the stairs now! Time to get more baby gates! You are enjoying school and doing so well. You are eating lots of solids and finger foods. Your normal schedule is cheerios/life/puffs in the morning before school, and at school you get 2-3 servings of baby food. You love pears and peaches, and yogurt. You also have a special place in your heart for Maddie, a girl at school who you share your treats.


You are starting to cruise and let go. Even stand for a bit by yourself. I captured this video yesterday of you "walking" with Nicky's Dump Truck (we won't tell him)

I am so proud of you my little Banjo. As always I like to see how you are doing in comparison to Nicky. Below are notes I took from his 9 month check up as well as a picture from his 9th month. He was a little stronger, heavier and taller, and already clapping, but we have time. I have no doubt you will shine in your own way. And you already do in our hearts. Never doubt that.

we love you, banjo.


Nicky started clapping and High Fives. he takes a couple steps now and is getting so big. At this last check -up for 9 months he was in the 75% for height, 85% from weight (up from 70% at 6 months) and still in the 40% for head. He has gained some weight and is really filled out. His weighs about 22 pounds now.

Happy Smile!


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