Countdown to TWO...

Friday, April 16, 2010
Dear Nickle Pickle,

April 10th was not only Brandon's 9th month Birthday, but your 23rd month Birthday too. You know what that means? It means you are 1 month away from being TWO! one. TWO. a BIG boy now. I still can't seem to wrap my head around it.While I ponder where the last 2 years have gone, I wanted to share with you, how much I love the way you do the things you do... with your whole body and wiggle your arms
...say good night to the moon before Bed
...when I sneeze you say "Achoo, Bless You"
...when you see Shauna you yell "Go Shauna, Uoh Es Ay" like that's her name.
...that you know the difference between a Dump Truck, Garbage Truck, and Tractor and specifically the little white and orange ones are Bobcats you will only dress in clothes that have a tractor, car, dump truck on them. Or when I tell you that Tractor Drivers wear seersucker, polos, etc. you say Yes "Yesth" you call Roxy "Foxy" and Zeus "Zeusy" you love new shoes, especially ones that light up, your rain boots, and your crocs
...when you swim in the tub
...when you get soaked in the sprinkler...and drink from the hose
...that you know what a booger and a fart is excited you get when you pee in the potty and run naked into the kitchen looking for a Potty Candy you trick us by sitting on the potty, only to jump up and run naked into the kitchen for a Potty Candy you count to 20, but when you get to 16, you say it 2 more times, then 19, 2. And you are SO proud! we do "a Family roll call" at dinner, in the car, before bed. You name all the family (sometimes classmates too), and we have to say Yes, Nicky you call your pacifier Nini and your Angel Dear blankes Bays when we ask you, you will hug and kiss Brandon marshmallows will make you do anything we want...even if it takes 180 of them excited you get when you see water, birds, bus, bubbles,Elmo, ErnieandBert (they have become one word), a Jeep, the lake, Nemo, Puppies, Percy you love Gina D...and you just might be the only one you hate bugs and spiders...and how you tell me to "get them" when you see ants you you mimic me and call Daddy, "Dan, Babe, and Honey" and unfortunately a couple crap, crap, craps...and even an OH Shit last week. (I know its terrible)
...when you run up and hug me when I pick you up
...when you smile at me
...when you are YOU.

there is another 100 things I could add to this list. I will save them for another rainy day

and finally here is a pictures from aYear Ago today ...



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