Meet Reese, Lola and Dylan

Monday, April 26, 2010
Here's why I hate most diaper bags: So many of them are made with the baby in mind, not the mama. They have ducks, polka dots, or sailboats on them, and they don't have any place for your stuff (and Laptop). Aside from strollers and what kind of bottles, diaper bags caused more stress than birthing and the epidural together. Since Nicky was born, I have literally gone through 6 or 7 different bags. As mommies, you know, these suckers are not cheap. Most of them have not survived endless formula spills, sticky candy, and baby messes. Not only does the idea of shopping for a diaper bag drive me crazy, but for all the THOUSANDS of bags out there, I still cant find the perfect bag to house stuff for 2 baby boys and MY stuff.

Until  now....

Meet Reese, Lola (I made that up), and Dylan

You're Welcome. Now go nuts. Or have another baby, you'll have more than enough room in your new bag!


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