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Monday, January 25, 2010
I started writing in my blog so my boys can always have special moments of their childhood captured on paper, pictures, and videos in blog form. Before my blog, I spent the first year of Nicky's life updating Flickr and You Tube weekly. It was like a full time job and it was hard to really convey those special moments and add my own commentary about our daily adventures. Ieven had a blog, but I never wrote in it. After Dan suggested I actually write in it and post the pictures and videos, I agreed! It made so much more sense to consolidate everything in one place! Plus who wouldn't want to see my kids everyday!? :)

After every post I print each one out to put in a special binder so they can easily access it, but wasn't happy with the results. The pictures were not centered, it was cut off and the formatting wasn't even accurate. I started researching online websites that turned your blog into a book and found a handful! What a cool concept.

I finally put all my blog postings from 2009 into a book - it was 52 pages!! They allow you to customize the cover and include a picture of the front and back, create a table of contents, other options like softcover or hardcover, or even a PDF download. I loved the format and bought a book this morning. I can't wait to see it.

Please click here view my sample book! email me if you have problems!


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