Our Weekend Recap

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
It's finally fall in Austin! After a record breaking summer (hottest on record and 1 day away from most 100 + days since 1929 (68)) we are thrilled to enjoy the change in season. This past weekend we had crisp cool mornings, sunny afternoons and warm evenings. We enjoy sitting on our front patio watching the sunset over Lake Travis (not that we can see the lake, but still, we know its there)

Friday night, I spent a couple hours packing away the summer shorts, the tank tops, and rotating in the winter clothes for the boys. Brandon has a lot of "new" stuff that Nicky never wore because it was too hot when Nicky was size 3-6 months. I pulled out some puffy vests and sweat suits for the boys to wear this past weekend. Even though its not that cold, its still fun to dress them up like little sausages.

We had a lazy Saturday morning and had breakfast at Panera Bread followed by a stop at the new Nordstrom Rack that opened here in Austin.  On the way home we stopped at the park and watched some of the local boys (and girls) play flag football! Brandon hung out with daddy on the sidelines, while mommy pushed Nicky in the swing and  chased him around the park. Nicky is getting so big,  he can even go down the slide all by himself!

Saturday afternoon, Dan watched both boys while I went to my friend April's baby shower for her baby girl McKenna. She arrives in late December and we can't wait to meet her. (Speaking of new arrivals, I have 9 friends pregnant right now! Holy Cow!)

When I came home, we all went to Tara and Aaron's daughter Hayley's 1st Birthday party. Nicky's friend from school Kylie Jo and her mom Stacie were there. Nicky had a great time sharing his shoes with Kylie, looking at some 1 week old bulldog puppies, and hanging out with the rest of the kids. Lori came over around 6:30 to babysit while we went to dinner and a movie. Dan and I never made it to the movie, but we enjoyed a nice dinner at Rocco's and had some after dinner drinks at Fion while we caught the end of the Longhorn game. We were home by 9pm, but enjoyed winding down to catch up on our shows: Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Flashforward, and The Next Iron Chef.

Sunday we had plans to visit the Sweet Berry Farm Pumpkin Patch, but decided against the hour and a half drive and spent the morning hanging out at Starbucks and grocery shopping at the HEB. After naptime, we headed over to Lifetime Fitness just to LOOK. We signed on the dotted line after we discovered they provide 2 hours of free babysitting each day!! BEST MONEY SPENT EVER!!

We are excited to belong to another club, like Pacific Athletic Club and can't wait to start working out again (haha right). They even have a heated indoor pool equipped with water slides! I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time at the new club. You can check out the club here!

This is an exciting week because Brandon started at Primrose and Grandma Booba comes to visit. This upcoming weekend is Halloween and the boys have the CUTEST costumes. You'll have to wait and see!


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