May the Force be with You - Happy Halloween 2009!

Monday, November 2, 2009
I hope everyone had a great Halloween! My boys had a good time dressing up as Star Wars characters. Brandon was an Ewok and Nicholas was Luke Skywalker. Nicky especially loved his light saver. We had a candy and cookie filled weekend that started at school on Friday with a morning parade and a party in the afternoon.I will upload more pictures to Flikr shortly!

Grandma Booba was in town so she was able to see them all dressed up and help me out too! Saturday we had a lot planned, starting with pre-festivity drinks at the Wilsons, a 2nd Birthday party for Grace Andreson, and then dinner at our house with Grandpa Ray Ray and Grandma Booba. We didn't actually go Trick or Treating because Nicky really didn't get it yet, but we had a fun time anyways. He definitely understands the candy and cookie part. He was semi-successful saying "Trick or Treat". I got it on camera one time, so you tell me what you think! Also vote for them in the CUTE KID Halloween Costume Contest!

Check out the video of Nicky below. "I don't know" and "Whereditgo?" are his new things.

Vote for Nicky and Brandon!


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