Boys Best Friends

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here is a little love for my other babies, Roxy and Zeus.Everyone said we were nuts to get dogs when I was pregnant, but we're so happy we did. I grew up with dogs and i want my kids to always have dogs too.  Both puppies have acclimated to the boys and have become a great source of entertainment for Nicky. He calls Roxy "Ra" and Zeus "Seus".

Roxy is a fierce protector, and loves to give them kisses. She won't hesitate to sneak in a french kiss when she can and the boys love it! I figure it helps build up immunities :) She loves to go on walks and Nicky has started to hold the leash himself. I will try to get a picture, because its pretty cute. Roxy kinda walks Nicky, really.

Zeus is our bozo. He is silly and clumsy and completely untrained. We love him anyways. Since Brandon has come along, he has become a little territorial, but he is also a great guard dog. He eats all of the boys toys and nothing is safe on the floor. shoes, balls, rattles. all destroyed.

Its not unusual for them to also share chewy bones. The bastier the better. We've also unsuccessfully tried to get Nicky to stop snacking on the dog food. Protein right? Its pretty universal I think for babies to play/bathe in the dog water bowls too. Makes for good photo opportunities and babies that smell like wet dog. FUN!

I can't wait to watch them all 4 of them grow up together and create wonderful childhood memories!  Love you Roxy Roo and Zeusy Peusy!


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