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Monday, November 23, 2009

Last weekend we had another Mommy and Nicky adventure!  Nicholas and I went to Park City to surprise Valerie for her first World Cup Bobsled race of the season. We left early on Friday morning to be there in time for the race at 3pm.

Nicky did great on the plane. He didn't sleep, but he was very good. We arrived in Park City and there was just a little snow, even though I brought a full on snow suit and all his new snow gear. I kept my secret all week, but couldn't wait to surpise her at her front door. I called her on my way up the mountain I was so excited.

Nicky saw snow for the first time at Vals house and said EWWWW when he touched it. Baby steps. Nicky did pretty good at the race on Friday night but after about 2 and a half hours the cold got too much and Nicky has a mini meltdown. Thanks to Shauna's family and the girls friend Nina,  we were able to keep him warm enough to get to the car. Once we got to the car, he quickly fell asleep in my arms. Val and Shauna didn't have a great start to the season, but there are more races and its a big year for both of them.We met Val and Shauna after the race at Redstone brewery for dinner. Nicky had fun , hestayed up till 10 pm and danced in the streets in Park City.

It was good to see Val and spend time with her before she left for 9 weeks to go on tour in Europe. Nicky loves Val (Vawl) and loved spending time with Grandma Booba (Bubba) and Grandpa Bob (Pa Pa).

The rest of the trip was spent exploring Park City and we headed up to the Utah Olympic Park to take pictures of Nicky in the bobsled and explore the museum. Its snowed on our last day and Nicky loved to catch snowflakes on his tongue. It was a great trip and the ride home was just as nice. Nicky danced in the airport to Pour Some Sugar On Me and made everyone laugh. He is so charming! I loved this picture of Nicky on the plane with his Nemo.

I posted more pictures here:


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