Holiday Pictures!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
I LOVE Christmas! I love the music! I LOVE getting Christmas cards. Every year its a big deal for me to find the perfect card, the perfect outfits, and the perfect picture. Needless to say this amounts to even more stress but I enjoy it. I drive my husband crazy, but its worth it when I get my freshly printed cards in the mail and send them off.  And I can't wait to get them in return too!

This past weekend the whole family posed for some pictures for our 2009 Holiday card.  It was a little bit of a fiasco, but we did get a handful of good pictures. It was almost impossible to get everyone to look at the camera, pose nicely, hair in place, and noses clean. This one I posted below reflects the chaos that IS our life right now and I think it is perfect. Brandon also passed out for the last 20 minutes of the session. I uploaded a handful of pictures on FLICKR for a sneak peak before the card goes out! The rest will be posted in December

Family Chaos


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