Brandon - 4 Month Wellness Check!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Brandon had his 4 month check up and had a great progress report.  He is now 15 pds, 10 oz and in the 75th percentile in weight. He has the chubbiest little goishies (thighs) and I love to squeeze them and blow raspberry kisses.  He is 25 inches long and that puts him in the 55th percentile. He is in 3-6 months clothing and filling out all over. His head size jumped and did get bigger in the last 2 months and is now in the 50th percentile. Its neat to compare to Nicky at the same time. Both are 18 weeks at their 4 month check up. Both are 15 pds, and 25 inches. (But different percentiles! weird, I'll have to check on that. lol)  No teeth have pooked through yet, but the Dr seems to think it could be soon since his gums are a little swollen.

We tried a little food yesterday, but he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. He is still a little wobbly and can't hold himself up for long periods of time. We practice our baby pull ups every day and he is getting better and stronger. He still gets up 2-3 times a night and its really taking its toll. I hope in the upcoming weeks we can move Brandon to his room and Nicky into his new room. Brandon is truly a happy baby. He smiles more than Nicky did and is starting to laugh outloud. He is content to hang out and is rolling over from tummy to back and ALMOST from back to tummy. Just a couple more days of practice. I took this from my friends blog so I could post some of his milestones.

Here are some of the four-month milestones and how Brandon is doing:

"By four months, your baby ... should be able to:
- on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees (yes)
- laugh out loud (yes and its the best sound in the world!)
- follow an object in an arc about 6 inches above the face for 180 degrees, from one side to the other (yes)

... will probably be able to:
- hold head steady when upright (yes, but kinda wobbly at times)
- on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms (yes)
- grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers (yes)
- pay attention to an object as small as a raisin (no, i don't have any raisins)
- reach for an object (yes)
- squeal in delight (yes, very loudly too)

... may possibly be able to:
- keep head level with body when pulled to sitting (Yes! we love baby pull ups!)
- roll over one way (yes, from tummy to back. back to tummy is still a little hard)
- turn in the direction of mommy's voice (yes, he LOVES mommy)
- say "ah-goo" or similar vowel-consonant combinations (Brandon talks all day long).
- make a wet razzing sound (we're working on raspberry sounds!)

... may even be able to:
- bear some weight on legs when held upright (yes, he's so strong!.)
- sit without support (no, but spends lots of time in his Bumbo)
- object if you try to take a toy away (not yet)
- turn in the direction of a voice (yep)


Below is an email I sent out back in Oct 08 when Nicky was 4 months old. 3 weeks later I would get pregnant with crazy!

ps. Funny, here we are a year later and I still owe people thank you cards from Brandon's baptism. I am SO bad at that and i am SO sorry.

Hello Friends and family!

2 weeks ago, Dan and I had pictures taken of Nicholas at 4 months old.

He loves the camera already, probably because I have taken 8,000
pictures of him! (no joke...) I included our favorite picture.  If you
are in Austin and want a recommendation, I highly recommend Bonnie
Berry. She is fantastic.

Nicholas is 15 pounds now, and has 2 teeth! Its crazy...and he likes
to put everything in his mouth. He is starting to sit up, and tries to
crawl like an inch worm. He LOVEs dogs.

Week 18 (sept 8 - sept 14) was a rough week for us. He was 4 months old this week; He is 15.1 pounds, 25 inches long. His weight is 60% percentile, height 75% percentile, and head is 40% percentile. He got his second round of vaccines. That night his fever spiked to 101.9. We were up all night with him, but he was better the next day. He still wakes up a couple times a night as he rolls over, but has now embraced the tummy sleeping. He is sleeping in his room now, and dan and I take turms sleeping in the guest room so we can be closer to him. I miss him in our room so much. He doesn't nurse as much now and I am very sad.
His teeth has popped through and he is still very fussy.
This week we met Dan's father at Cafe Blue on the Lake. We had a great week with some cool weather - our over 90 degree summer looks like it is coming to an end. we also did not get any rain from Hurricane Ike. 

 I hope everyone is doing well, and I'd love to see pictures of your
families - actually facebook has kept me up to date on most of you! ;)
Who else feels like a voyeur???! Ok, back to work and talk to you all
I posted week 20 pictures on Flickr:
and the latest videos:

Love, Vicci, Dan, and Nicky...Roxy  &; Eleanor too!
ps. If I owe you a Thank you card, i am SORRY i'm working on them. :o)
My mother thinks I am the WORST - and wishes I was more like Kathleen.


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