Happy 18 months, Banjo!

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Banjo, Banjo, Banjo...how did we get SO LUCKY to have the easiest, sweetest, happiest, cutest boy ever?? Don't get me wrong, your brother gives you a run for your money, however we never described him as "EASY" or "Happiest." He was (and still is) strong willed, challenging, way too smart, and endearing. BUT YOU - you are perfectly perfect in so many ways. {Don't you worry Nicky - your 32 month letter is next} Since your last check up, so much has changed! You've had a little verbal word explosion and we are so thrilled with your recent developments. You can say over 20 words now, but can repeat much more when asked. We got rid of the baba and your are so much more vocal. You've put together your first sentences:
  • Here you go!
  • I see you!
You have really started to get into books, and every night we sit down with you and go through all your favorite ones. You're walking so much better and our concerns about any excessive drooling have stopped.

At every wellness check we get your vitals and you are finally TALLER then your head is BIGGER! You are 32 inches - 75% and 26 pounds - 50%. You've thinned out and your baby beer belly is almost gone. You are in a size 6 shoe now and 18 - 24 month clothes.

Remember last month? when you decided not too sleep? Well, thank god you've put an end to that craziness. Once again - you are the best sleeper - we put you down with minimal crying or fussing and you pretty much sleep through the night again. If in fact, we do have to go up and check on you, you make us take you downstairs to watch Wonder Pets or Oobi. We watch for a while, and then you get to say "buh-bye" and go back upstairs. You sleep until about 730 every morning and sometimes I have to wake you so we aren't late for school.

You love to play with anything that Nicky has, and you love pushing tea carts and lawnmowers all over the house. You love balls, bubbles, and the doggies. You love to point out buses and you yell "beep beep" when you see a big truck go by. You also have a sweet tooth.

And we can hardly believe in 6 months you will be 2! never forget, you are our little ray of sunshine and you have made such a huge and positive impact in our lives. We adore everything about you.

And as always, I went back to check and compare Nicky's 18 month update.


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