Monday, January 24, 2011
Nicholas is FICKLE. Are all kids fickle? 

I distinctly remember when I was a kid and I loved something, I loved it forever: pigs, My Little Ponies, American Indians (I thought I was one named Naduah), horses, Mike Borrelli, reading, and Britney Spears.

{Not to mention my current love of my life, Dan and my babies! xoxo}

Every week Nicholas is into something new. Just when we bought him the binoculars he BEGGED for Christmas he has moved on to a Guitar. Daddy, on a whim, got him a Guitar which he pays no attention too,  and he is obsessed with Monster Trucks.

Now that we have downloaded every episode of Dino Dan, we have to record every single episode of Curious George on TV and the iPad. Not to mention his latest and newest obsession with Latex gloves.

Yes. Gloves. 

He wears them to school, in bed, in the bath, and in the front yard. He sleeps with them, smells them, holds them, cuddles them, and demands them in every color. We have asked for a pair at every restaurant in Steiner, gas station, and convenience store when he decides he needs them NOW.

I wonder how long this will last...and if this has anything to do with being fickle actually. ha.


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