Baby Names

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
There are 96 MILLION websites dedicated to Baby Names
Over 27 THOUSAND names to chose from
I've had TWO boys
and spent countless months agonizing over boys names
To go through it again, seemed daunting and miserable
especially when I had my girl name *almost* picked out
you would THINK, Dan and I could agree on a name for number 
However after much debate and hemming and hawing, it looks like we have narrowed it down to 
Luke Anthony Abeling*
It's a good name. A strong name
It means Wolf or Bright
Knowing us he will be called Lulu
Or Lukey
but not Lukey Pukey
Or Nicky will still call him Brooklyn 
For the rest of his life, he will be teased
"Luke, I am your faaaather"
I guess it could be worse
Whatever we name him, he will be loved and cherished
Tomorrow I have my 20/21 week sonogram and I can't wait to see him again
listen to his heartbeat
see him wiggle
see the very thing that means it wasn't a girl 
so we are absolutely, positively, 100% sure its a 3rd boy ;)
More pregnancy updates tomorrow...and maybe even a picture of the baby belly.
{*Subject to change at ANY time!}
{P.S. Nicky was Luke Skywalker 2 years ago..I wonder if that was foreshadowing??!}


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