18,000 Pictures

Thursday, May 27, 2010
You'd think with 18,000 pictures snapped in 2 years I'd have a house like my mother's; pictures on every crevice, any visible wall space, and stacks of albums to explore. She has more pictures of my wedding and my boys than I do! I always have grand plans to create this awesome collection of unique frames for a big wall display down my staircase. It would be legendary! But, something comes up, I never seem to have 2 minutes to myself let alone a full day, I work full time, the weekends are filled with parties and outings, so I never find the time to dedicate myself to this project...blah blah blah. Excuses!

Last night Dan said. "You take so many pictures, why don't we have any in the house?!!"  (except our entry way). That's it. It was time to fix that...So I sat down and began to work. After a couple hours and $400 dollars later, I created 8 canvas collages to hang in the upstairs play room and down the staircase. So there.

 {working on a wedding, engagement, honeymoon, doggies, and the cake pictures of Brandon next}


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