Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Monday, May 17, 2010
Pacifier, Binky, Ohfa (me), Fafa (Val), or Nini...whatever you call it, breaking up with nini is hard to do. My mom swore I would be married with mine. I reluctantly gave mine to Santa on Chrsitmas Eve when I was 2? or 3?  Apparently that didn't last very long, because I've heard stories about how I snuck back downstairs that night and "stole" it back. Take that Santa!

Later, I think my mom accidentally lost my Ohfa. Or gave it to the garbage. Or set it on fire. WhatEVER, I just knew I would NEVER do anything like that to my kids. HA!

Look, how things come full circle...

Now that Nicholas is 2, I am dreading the day the Nini Fairy comes. To make matters worse, we have to deal with Brandon and his new obsession with HIS nini. For 10 months he denied it and now they are inseparable.  unfortunately for Brandon, he may have to give his up when the Nini Fairy comes. I started searching the internet for some of the best ways to "lose the nini" since Santa is still months away. The list is below. Wish us luck!

 From LilSugar...There are infinite ways to quit the pacifier, and everybody has an opinion. While some doctors urge parents to get rid of the suckers by a certain age for dental and language reasons, others are more lenient. Regardless of how you decide to wean your tot from the paci, there will be good days and bad. Here are some techniques mamas have used.
  • A visit from the pacifier fairy. Have the pacifier fairy visit your home to collect the suckers for lil boys and girls who need them. Like the tooth fairy, this one leaves a gift as a thank you.
  • Make it unusable. Cut the silicone nipple vertically in half. Your tot's tongue won't like the feeling as much as the original.
  • Give it to the baby animals. At Stockholm's Skansen Zoo, wee ones donate their old pacifiers to the new baby animals and the binkies are hung from trees in the children's zoo. {HOW adorable is THAT!! I wonder if Austin does something like that}
  • Change the rules. Start curtailing the places the pacifier can be used until it becomes inconvenient for your lil one to use it.
  • Trade up. Offer for your child to trade in his paci for a coveted new toy or video.
  • Go cold turkey. Simply take away the pacifier one night and toss it.
  • Lose it. Next time you are searching frantically for the pacifier, simply give up and say that it is lost and can't be replaced.


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