Happy 2nd Birthday Kylee Jo!

Friday, May 21, 2010
A little over 2 years ago, while pregnant with Nicky, my mom was visiting and I began my campaign to get her to move to Austin. We were living in our old house on Golden Gate. Right across the street was a new development, Longhorn Canyon or something. My mom and I walked in and met the realtor, Tom Wilson. If anyone knows Tom, you know that it is impossible to NOT be friends with him. We all hit it off instantly. To make things even more crazy, his best friend/roommate from college (Go Ducks!) is the son of one of my mom's best friends from high school. You Follow? Riiiiight...and to get even nuttier, Tom's wife Stacie, was also pregnant due just a week after me.

After a couple attempts to get together, we lost touch. Fast forward last July 09. I walk into school one day and bump into Tom, Stacie, and Kylee Jo. It Turns out Kylee Jo was starting school in Nicky's class. They are 4 days apart!
The Wilsons have also become our BFFS. And they introduced us to the Pottichens. And we haven't looked back...
Last week Kylee Jo also celebrated her 2nd birthday and we were there to celebrate. 


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