A Letter from Luke

Friday, March 22, 2013
Yesterday we got this cute little letter from Luke's teachers. Luke is ready for Potty training! at 22 months! We are so excited. At school he is dry for most of the day and uses the potty 2-3 times. We are really excited to be DIAPER free after 4 years. I almost can't believe it is possible that we wont have anymore diapers. Nicky was fully trained by 2 and a half and Brandon by 3. I'm hoping for a fast start with Luke. Nights will be tougher, but that's OK. he's still little. I am so proud of him. Go LUKEY!!


below are some older posts about the Potty. Keep your fingers cross we will be diaper free soon!

Nicholas Potty Update
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Last October marked a new milestone for Nicholas. A Big Boy Toilet. A new beginning and endless "Potty Candy". An end in sight for diapers...??

We had no agenda, he's not even 2 yet.  We just provided the toilet and the temptation. (usually marshmallows, m&ms, and jelly beans) Then it faded and he lost all interest. And the toilet sat and collected dust.

Then last week everything changed....Peepee became a hot topic and Nicky started taking his diaper just to dash to the potty and go.  Afterwards, so proud of himself, he runs naked around the house, occasionally jumping with glee, laughing and making sure Daddy knew what he did.

Now we can expect potty usage about 4-5 times a day, however, big boy underwear has no bearing on his decisions to use the potty or not. So we do a lot of wash.

In any case, we are well on our way to being diaper free! Way to Go, Nicky!

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Speaking of Poop
Saturday, June 18, 2011
Speaking of poop and potty training, I thought I would share two of the boys favorite books about, well POOP.
It has to be a boy thing...

Anyways, if it helps you potty train, all the better!

The first is Disnosaur vs. The Potty.
It's a simple, colorful book about a Dinosaur who won't go to the potty.
There are lots of sound effects and the boys love when we "Roar" like the Dinosaur.

The second book is called Where's the Poop? - which we read over and over.
The boys raise the flaps to find the poop!
They LOVE it.
This book helps build confidence and shows that all creatures have to poop.
Some even poop orange.
Nicky thinks the penguin poop is the funniest.


The Fallons said...

Ordering "Where's the Poop" tonight but promise me you will order "Potty Animals" if you don't have it already. Each time we read it to the kids, it is better than the last. http://www.amazon.com/Potty-Animals-What-Youve-Gotta/dp/1402759967


The Fallons said...

and I meant to say we have "dinosaur vs. the potty", another fav. But that is why I know you will like "potty animals" :)

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