Nicky goes to Newport

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Back in October, Daddy and Nicky made a trip to Newport to visit Uncle Frank, Auntie Amy, Cousin Jack and Grandma Larissa and Auntie Alex came too. They went to the beach and the park and spent the day playing and having a great time.
Nicky LOVED the beach.
and he LOVED the sand.
And his cousin jack, LOVED his older cousin Nicky.
I was sad to miss it, but the stories and pictures I saw from the weekend were awesome.
I am so glad Nicky and Jack are friends and got to spend time together.
what a great weekend for everyone!
We have decided to spend a week in Newport every summer with the whole family to make sure the kids can spend time with their cousin and at the beach.
While they were in Newport they took a trip to Legoland and something else magical happened...
Stay tuned for the New Adventures of Nicky & Kylee Jo - In Legoland!


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