'Night, Sweet Pea

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Night, Night, don't let the bed bugs bite
Sweet Dreams
I love you forever and ever
to the moon and back
Goodnight, see you morning, see you later, good night, I love you
{love you Dad.}

No matter what you say,  it all means the same.
I LOVE YOU my little one
My wonderfully talented and beautiful friend, Alyse, just launched her latest album
a Lullaby Album
dedicated to her daughter, Scarlett
We were due date twins
and due date boston lovers
and destined to be friends
My Luke and her Scarlett may be destined to be together
i am giddy.
I donated
I supported
I believe.

Listen to it
Buy it

A Little Line of Kisses (Feat. Alyse Black)

support beautiful music
support beautiful people
and let your baby fall in love with beautiful sounds
you will too


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