I *heart* SF Giants

Saturday, December 1, 2012
i am a little late posting this. BUT the GIANTS won ANOTHER world Series - 2 in 3 years!! Its not often we get to watch games here in Austin, so when they make it to the playoffs and then to the SHOW, it gets pretty exciting here in the house. Its baseball 24/7. And they boys are in their full regalia.

The day we found out the Giants won the playoffs and were headed to the series, my mom calls me and says, "I got tickets to Game 2!. Too bad you can't come."

Um. You never asked. LOL. But I couldn't anyways. One day I will see them again in their glory! Last time I was at Candlestick on Oct 17th - when I was in 8th grade and the earthquake happened.

Until them, Giants forever!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010
In honor of the Giants in the World Series
my boys have been bearded in the awesomeness of San Francisco Giants' pitcher Brian Wilson. 
Go Giants!

then I did Dan and Me too...


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