A Letter to Luke: 15 & 18 Months!

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Dear Luke,
First, please stop growing. 
You are growing up so fast, its hard to believe in 6 months you will be 2! 
I have been a bad mommy. 
I forgot, was lazy, and  I didn't blog about your 15 month check up. 
The good news is that you are HUGE, the bad news some of the results may have been wrong back then.
but whatever
Regardless, You are  MUCH bigger than both Nicky and Luke at 15 months
My little linebacker.
You are a H E A L T H Y boy.
very big.
very heavy
I have back, neck, and hip problems
But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
At every wellness check we get your vitals and you are finally TALLER then your belly is BIGGER!

You are 34 inches - 95% and 27.5 pounds - 90%. You are already wearing a size 8 shoe (Nicky 7, Brandon 6) and in 2T clothes.
Both Nick and B were still comfortably in 18 - 24.

When I talk about you, I describe you as my angel.
Because you are
If I had you first I would have 1800 little boys
No offense Nicky and B.
But you are just so EASY
Sure you are throwing tantrums and trying to push boundaries
but you are so sweet and so perfect and so beautiful
I cant belive that you are real half the time
I think about how every day they boys hit you and push you and you cry.
and my heart breaks.
but you are waiting for your moment
You will be strong and grow to move mountains.

At 18 months you are even bigger!
You are "talking" more
well just saying Mama and Ball more
Thats about it
Im trying not to worry
Nicky was already doing algebra
Brandon had at least 10 words/sentances
and you...not so much.
It will come.
Im not worries.
I am so proud of you
I am in awe of you
I am so lucky
I dont think you can be any cuter.

At 18 months, you love trucks, buses, book, and your brothers, You love to ride Nikcy's 4-wheeler, and ride the scooter.
You get dressed by yourself, and love to wear everyones shoes. You love the bath.

Like all my boys, you love to be naked, and love to throw the ball for all the doggies.
We spend Saturday mornings together while Dan takes the other boys to the park and we play with art, play games, and dance.

You love bedtime and so SO perfect. I can put you down and you just go to sleep. I THANK YOU.
you love your three little blankets.
and you hate to be dirty or wet
just like your borthers you scream everytime I try to change you
I have to chase you areound the house.
You love Peek-a-boo
You love the dogs
you have a sweet tooth already
We read 4-5 books every night and you point out your favorite dogs, balls, and bugs.
I love when you see food in a picture how you say "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

You have the best facial expressions and the best grunts to communicate.
You have swagger.
You have attitude.

I know what grunts mean what and we are working on more words.
You can sign for "more" and most colors.
You know cat, dog, ball, mama.
You can do everything we ask, but cant verbalize yet
You love to point out buses and fire trucks and make siren sounds when you see an ambulance.
You bring me snacks.
You love to clean and we have to pry brooms out of your hand.
You've started to play by yourself and have your own make believe

You are so You, and I love you.

 P.S. I posted Nicks and Brandon's monthly letters below so we can compare as always.

xoxox Love Mama


Happy 18 months, Banjo!

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Banjo, Banjo, Banjo...how did we get SO LUCKY to have the easiest, sweetest, happiest, cutest boy ever?? Don't get me wrong, your brother gives you a run for your money, however we never described him as "EASY" or "Happiest." He was (and still is) strong willed, challenging, way too smart, and endearing. BUT YOU - you are perfectly perfect in so many ways. {Don't you worry Nicky - your 32 month letter is next} Since your last check up, so much has changed! You've had a little verbal word explosion and we are so thrilled with your recent developments. You can say over 20 words now, but can repeat much more when asked. We got rid of the baba and your are so much more vocal. You've put together your first sentences:
  • Here you go!
  • I see you!
You have really started to get into books, and every night we sit down with you and go through all your favorite ones. You're walking so much better and our concerns about any excessive drooling have stopped.

At every wellness check we get your vitals and you are finally TALLER then your head is BIGGER! You are 32 inches - 75% and 26 pounds - 50%. You've thinned out and your baby beer belly is almost gone. You are in a size 6 shoe now and 18 - 24 month clothes.

Remember last month? when you decided not too sleep? Well, thank god you've put an end to that craziness. Once again - you are the best sleeper - we put you down with minimal crying or fussing and you pretty much sleep through the night again. If in fact, we do have to go up and check on you, you make us take you downstairs to watch Wonder Pets or Oobi. We watch for a while, and then you get to say "buh-bye" and go back upstairs. You sleep until about 730 every morning and sometimes I have to wake you so we aren't late for school.

You love to play with anything that Nicky has, and you love pushing tea carts and lawnmowers all over the house. You love balls, bubbles, and the doggies. You love to point out buses and you yell "beep beep" when you see a big truck go by. You also have a sweet tooth.

And we can hardly believe in 6 months you will be 2! never forget, you are our little ray of sunshine and you have made such a huge and positive impact in our lives. We adore everything about you.

And as always, I went back to check and compare Nicky's 18 month update.

Dear Brandon - 15 months

Monday, October 11, 2010
Dear Brandon,

You turned 15 months on October 10th and we celebrated with a wellness check. You do very well at the Dr's. You "talk" to everyone and are growing well on the chart, a perfect curve, but you are chunkier than you are tall. You weigh 25 pounds (55%), height 30.75 inches (45%), head 47.7 cent (50%). Your little feet fit into a little size 5 shoe and 12 - 18 months clothes are starting to get tight. You knew mommy had her hands full with Nicky, so you sleep 7 - 7  for me and you can nap almost 3 hours a day. You have the most perfect smile and the blondest silkiest hair. No haircut yet...maybe next month.  Your eyes are amazing -  still a stormy blue grey and you have 16 sharp teeth. You love to laugh, play, and kiss. You do this special little butt dance on me, and never do I feel more loved and treasured. These are the little things a mom holds on to. You do have a little temper and you are starting to show a preference for daddy. You are very agile, and like to stack blocks, ride tricycles, and climb. You can moos when we say cow, and kinda woofs when we say dog. You can point to your head, knows shoes go on your feet, and can throw away garbage. You pick up the phone and says Hi. You still are not talking much, but you make your presence known. You can say mama, dada, up, hi, more, wawa (for water or chocolate. ha), and occasionally you will throw out a thank you or naked. We took you last week to have your hearing tested to make sure you weren't partially deaf from all the ear infections and you passed. There could be some delay if your ears where blocked for periods of time, but they do not predict any delays in development. We continue to work with you, and we've seen an increase in your vocabulary and mumblings even in the last week. These last 15 months have been crazy but worth it. lI love you, Banjo.

Dear Nicky - 18 month letter

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Dear Nicholas,

Last week you had your 18 month check up. It was a little late because we canceled your first one last minute to go visit your Auntie Val in Party City.  What a great trip that was, just you and me. You are growing up so fast, its hard to believe in 6 months you will be 2!

Not too much has changed since last time except you are now 32 inches tall and 28 pounds! Your weight is in the 75th percentile and your height is in the 50th. That means your a little above average, but Daddy and I think you are way above average. You are wearing a size 6 shoe and pretty much fit perfectly into 18 - 24.

18 months and you still prove to be challenging in some areas and in others you continue to blow us away, especially how smart you are. You have started to say sentences and put multiple words together like:
  • Thank you
  • Where did it go?
  • I don't know
  • Come Zeus, Come Ra
  • No, mine
  • All Done
  • and my favorite I love you. (when asked)
Right now we are working on Merry Christmas. It comes out Merry Nah.

Our biggest worry right now is how to help you stop crying at night. It breaks our heart every night when we hear you cry out for us. We would do anything to take all that sadness away....but are your REAAAALLLLY sad, or just know how to play the game, mister??  On the occasion you do break us down and we go back upstairs to tuck you back in, you are just fine. So happy we are there, just to point out the moon and stars. You will even lay there pretending to be asleep while we sneak out, just to have you jump up crying again. Daddy and Mommy may have to start turning off the monitor...and I can't begin to imagine how this will all work out once you figure out how to climb out of the crib. I do not look forward to that day.

At 18 months, you love trucks and trains and anything with wheels. You love to point out buses and fire trucks and make siren sounds when you see an ambulance. You pick me flowers. You love sticks and old pipes. You love to clean and we have to pry brooms out of your hand. You still ADORE your Daddy. Puppies and bubbles are still top of your list. You've started to play by yourself and have your own make believe.

You can count to 2. (go Nicky!), say ABC, and every color is green, but we're working on it. We can get a blue, white, yellow, red, and purple out of you when prompted. You can sign a lot of words, and love to be outside. Ant bites make your skin flare up and you hate bugs. You still have your nini (pacifier) but we're working on it.

and at 18 months you still dance...

...and you make us dance. we love you poops.



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