Dear Brandon - 15 months

Monday, October 11, 2010
Dear Brandon,

You turned 15 months on October 10th and we celebrated with a wellness check. You do very well at the Dr's. You "talk" to everyone and are growing well on the chart, a perfect curve, but you are chunkier than you are tall. You weigh 25 pounds (55%), height 30.75 inches (45%), head 47.7 cent (50%). Your little feet fit into a little size 5 shoe and 12 - 18 months clothes are starting to get tight. You knew mommy had her hands full with Nicky, so you sleep 7 - 7  for me and you can nap almost 3 hours a day. You have the most perfect smile and the blondest silkiest hair. No haircut yet...maybe next month.  Your eyes are amazing -  still a stormy blue grey and you have 16 sharp teeth. You love to laugh, play, and kiss. You do this special little butt dance on me, and never do I feel more loved and treasured. These are the little things a mom holds on to. You do have a little temper and you are starting to show a preference for daddy. You are very agile, and like to stack blocks, ride tricycles, and climb. You can moos when we say cow, and kinda woofs when we say dog. You can point to your head, knows shoes go on your feet, and can throw away garbage. You pick up the phone and says Hi. You still are not talking much, but you make your presence known. You can say mama, dada, up, hi, more, wawa (for water or chocolate. ha), and occasionally you will throw out a thank you or naked. We took you last week to have your hearing tested to make sure you weren't partially deaf from all the ear infections and you passed. There could be some delay if your ears where blocked for periods of time, but they do not predict any delays in development. We continue to work with you, and we've seen an increase in your vocabulary and mumblings even in the last week. These last 15 months have been crazy but worth it. lI love you, Banjo.


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