Day Out With Thomas the Train

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
This weekend, the Abeling's drove an hour to Burnet to spend the day with Thomas the Train. It was a beautiful weekend, high 80's and the boys were in good spirits. But when we arrived Nicky refused to go on the Thomas, did not want to have any pictures taken, (as usual), wanted to jump out the train window (he actually told us that) and refused to sit with his friends Jack and Michael.

Brandon, as always, happy to oblige and graced us with his dazzling smile, as he sat with the big boys. It was not until we found the "gift store", a massive money pit for parents that Nicky perked up. $80.00 later, we left with 3 mylar Thomas the Train balloons, packs of stickers, tattoos, two whistles, those stupid rubber band bracelets, and some new trains.

 Here is Dan waiting in line to check out.
Looking super duper thrilled.
I can see many more of these in our future


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