Adventures of Nicky & Kylee Jo: LegoLand Style!

Sunday, December 2, 2012
You may have remembered that our good friends the Wilsons, and Nicky's best friend Kylee Joe moved to San Diego last year.  Its been pretty sad and miserable with out them,. We've kept in touch, I was able to see Stacie in Vegas a while back, but its not the same. 

A couple days before Dan and Nicky left for California, I sent Stacie a text to see if there was ANY way that the kids could see each other. Dan had plans to take Nicky to Legoland.

Stacie and Tom text me to tell me they are going to make it work. I begged Dan to call them and make sure they would get together. I dont know whay, but it was so emotional for me. I so badly wanted to be there when Nicky and Kylee Jo saw each other for the first time in almost a year and a half. 

They planned to meet at Legoland. I get a text from Stacie that said the following:

"Back together!!! We are so excited, they are meant to be together!!!"

she sent me the first picture below in B&W. 
I immediatley start tearing up.
I KNOW that face on Nicky and he is SO excited and seeing their hands together made me so happy and then sad at the same time.
Knowing how much fun they were having was hard on me. 

They have been friends since 9 months old.
Here they are at 4 and a half.
I hope every year we meet like this and reunite.
Nicky continues to ask me why Kylee Jo lives in "San Dango" 
but we will plan to see them at least every summer.

And I continue to say, They will come back.
{no pressure Wilsons}
We love you and cant wait to see you all SOON.

So here is to another "Adventures of Nicky & Kylee Jo":

Nicky: I love your side pony.
Kylee Jo: Hold my hand, the yellow man is coming.
Nicky: let's hug and never let go.
Kylee Jo: deal.

The {Last} Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have delayed talking about this because it makes me so so sad
Nicky’s best friend Kylee Jo moved the San Diego back in June
before she moved, Tom and Stacey took her out of class and let her hang out with Nick and Brandon at our house for the day. Kylie Jo LOVES Miss Tiffany too, so it was a perfect day for them.

They were all so cute together, eating, playing, running.
They even napped in the same room.
I couldn’t help but send Tom and S a text along with the sleeping picture that said 

“The Last  and ONLY Time Nicky and Jo Jo sleep together” ha ha.
I couldn’t hold back tears as Kylee Jo said good bye for the last time and Nicky yelled out: 

“I Love you, Kylee Joe, you’re my best friend”

 Its been a long summer with out our close friends
We miss them all the time
Nicky still asks for Kylee Jo and demands that her mommy and daddy bring her back on an airplane to see us.
My heart stops a little when he does. Mostly because he doesn't understand yet.
We Love you Wilsons!!
This summer was the {Last} adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo...for now.


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