The {Last} Adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have delayed talking about this because it makes me so so sad
Nicky’s best friend Kylee Jo moved the San Diego back in June
before she moved, Tom and Stacey took her out of class and let her hang out with Nick and Brandon at our house for the day. Kylie Jo LOVES Miss Tiffany too, so it was a perfect day for them.

They were all so cute together, eating, playing, running.
They even napped in the same room.
I couldn’t help but send Tom and S a text along with the sleeping picture that said 

“The Last  and ONLY Time Nicky and Jo Jo sleep together” ha ha.
I couldn’t hold back tears as Kylee Jo said good bye for the last time and Nicky yelled out: 

“I Love you, Kylee Joe, you’re my best friend”

 Its been a long summer with out our close friends
We miss them all the time
Nicky still asks for Kylee Jo and demands that her mommy and daddy bring her back on an airplane to see us.
My heart stops a little when he does. Mostly because he doesn't understand yet.
We Love you Wilsons!!
This summer was the {Last} adventures of Nicky and Kylee Jo...for now.


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