Wednesday, September 7, 2011
We got home yesterday. It was an eerie feeling driving back, but once I got to the front of Steiner I wanted to honk and wave. I was so happy and grateful. It was easier to get home, just a little traffic built up. You would not even know there was a fire. Most of it was off the main road.

Eleanor was fine... She seemed ok, but hungry.

House was good, except for all the food in our fridge and freezer we had up toss.

We bagged it all up and that night, the neighborhood church came by and picked up all our garbage and even left us a welcome home care package. So lucky to have such wonderful neighbors.

And thank you for checking in in us! We appreciate all the concern and support. I'll write more about the experience and emotional side later. Boys are in bath. Gotta go!

Here are the boys making "dinner" for the fire fighters. so sweet!

{and yes they are separating fruit loops}

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