Hello Fall!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am flying back  (on Friday) to Austin right now and thinking about a funny story my mom told me yesterday. While I have been in CA these couple days,  Grandma Booba and Papa Bob took Nicky and Brandon to help Dan out. Grandma Booba made a comment  that this “summer has been so hot.” Nicky replied, “No Booba, it’s not summer anymore. It’s fall!” Why, my precocious little Nicholas, you are correct sir, it is FINALLY fall.

SO Hello FALL!

We just wrapped up the hottest and driest summer on record here in Texas. We had over 85 days of 100+ degree weather – we shattered an almost century old record of 69 days set in 1925. Look at July and August. 3 days under 100.

They predict we need 21 inches of rain, just to get out of our draught. And to make things worse, because of La Nina, they are also predicting a very dry winter for us. Things aren’t looking good for us right now. In any case,  after Luke was born, everyone said, be thankful you are not pregnant right now…while that’s true and I am, I believe it is worse to have a newborn during the hot summer months.

See, even pregnant and uncomfortable,  at least you can still go outside. You may not like it, but you can. Yes, you think you are huge and fat, but you can swim and wear sunscreen – and you have a great excuse.  When you have an infant,  You can’t take them out in 105 degree weather. They would melt. They cant go swimming, they cant wear sun screen. They would spontaneously combust. You can’t wear them or go for walks. Even thr stroller is stifling and dangerous. It’s too hot to sit outside or go to the park.  Even the plastic slides burn your ass. I know because I have a burn scar.

I believe in something I call Austin summer Induced Cabin Fever. Its real because, I had it the year Brandon was born. It’s pretty much an “I am on maternity leave and stuck in the house and spend all my money online because its too hot to go outside.” If it weren’t for Grandma Booba and Papa bob I would have been stuck in the house with Luke spending money, and having a pity party.

So Thank you parents, for allowing us to enjoy the summer with Nicky and Brandon while you watched Luke. And for saving us a lot of money. (I take that back – Damn you PINTEREST!)

If we weren’t at the pool, we were at a splash pad, or running through sprinklers, or sliding down slip in slides, or spraying each other with water guns. It was a hot and wet summer. And By the end of August I was watered out and ready for sweaters and boots, and PLEASE some rain..  So last week, thankfully, we said good bye to the heat as our highs dropped from 105 to 95. And today we can officially kick summer to the curb and hope never to repeat again.  And now we wait for rain.


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