Teething Bites*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
So the last 3 days have been simply miserable for Baby Luke. He screams a blood curdling yell and wakes the dead. Namely me. He is in so much pain from his new teeth - we think top but have yet to see any white tips.

We try to soothe and comfort him, but we have the same problems we did we N & B; at 3-4 months they are too little to hold the teething toys on their own. Oragel seems to help, but I just got an email that the FDA recommends you do not give babeis under 2 benzocaine. The FDA must not have babies.

Luke tries to stuff both fists in his mouth as he cries big huge alligator tears. My heart falls into a 100 pieces. These pictures do the same.

{*thanks Erika! ;)}

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