Evacuation Update

Monday, September 5, 2011
I had nightmares all night about our house...eleanor the cat is at our house, I am praying she is ok.

I am very worried about some good friends who were a couple of the first to be evacuated. Their house was right off flat top ranch and they saw the flames in their backyard when they left at 4:15 yesterday.

We heard we won't be let in till after noon today so this labor day, we're thankful to be together and safe.

The Hotel we are at is like a camp. All our neighbors are here and I am pretty sure the hotel has not seen this many dogs ever. Everyone is making the beat of things.

I'll keep updating as we hear more. Good news is that it sounds like it's still only 25 homes, but we really won't know what's happening for a while.

Last night in the hotel room

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