Inside the Head of Master Nicholas

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scene: Mommy and Daddy's Shower
Nicky: I  taking a shower so I can be clean and pretty for Tiffany tomorrow

Scene: Playtime Upstairs, followed by a loud crashing sound
Nicky: OOOWWEEE! {Screaming}
Daddy: Are you OK?? 
Nicky: You need to catch me if I fall Daddy.

Scene: Getting dressed in the morning
Nicky: Look Val, I'm in all red. 
Val: Like me. 
Nicky: Yeah, like a bobsled man.

Scene: At Grandma's pool
Nicky: {holding a bucket} Bye, bye, I'm going to work. See you tomorrow. 
Us: Bye Nicky.
Nicky: {one second later} Hi, I'm back from Tomorrow.

Scene: Nicky and Brandon playing with plastic guns
Nicky: I am the big brother and you be the little one. Let's go shoot. 
Brandon: OK.
Nicky: I'll keep on eye on you.

Scene: Watching the USA gymnastics
Nicky: I do that at Rollie Pollies {gymnast on the parallel bars}
Val: Wow neat, Nicky? Can you do that too? {gymnast on beam} 
Nicky: no, but next week I can

Scene: at the gates of a CLOSED SeaWorld
Nicky: Why is SeaWorld closed?
Shauna: The Dolphins are sick
Nicky: Why
Shauna: Because someone threw something in the water 
Nicky: Sigh, I bet it was a boy

Scene: car ride home from SeaWorld
Nicky: Oh NO! we didn't get a toy for Booba!


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