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Monday, December 2, 2013
Its a good time as any to start posting again. Most of 2012 will be lacking, but I am going to make a great effort to catch up before end of year. So bear with me
Its tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving to go see Santa.

2013 might be the best picture since Nicky's first visit back in 2008 and then all three of them in 2011... 
(see below)
There were no tears, there was matching outfits, and 2.5 smiles.
it was a gorgeous day, a great looking Santa and thanks to 
Millie & Mox
we didnt even have to leave Steiner Ranch!
I love the Holidays and all the festivities that come with it!!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011
For the last 3 years I have documented our annual visit with Santa. Each year seems to represent my (or Dans) enthusiasm (or lack of) for the event. 2008 was our first experience and I don't think we could ever replicate how adorable Nicky would looked, his perfect reaction, and how charming the picture turned out. 2009 and 2010 were um ....considerably LESS festive. No matching outfits, no professional pictures. Although they never cried, they didn't really compare too 2008. However, my boys are always adorable.

Well, now I have three babies, and this year I was determined to get a good picture. If not, at least they would look cute. (even that is debatable according to Dan and Shauna)

I dressed them in matching Harajuku Mini plaid pants and Luke in the cutest bow-tie tuxedo pantsuit.  - And to be clear, I had to bride Nicky with three lollipops, a new army truck, and 5 presents to get him to put the pants on. I actually sat on him and pulled his feet through. Followed by a chase and lots of laughs, they were finally dressed.

We went to Lakeline Mall and brought Grandma Booba along. We waited in line for an hour. The had a great time racing across the mall, making some new friends. To pass the time, we went to a balloon twister, and both boys asked for orange guns (of course they did. they by in front of us asked for a monkey on a tree.) She couldn't make a gun (engage Meltdown Mode 3 - 2- 1-....) BUT she made them swords! (Meltdown avoided!) They were happy little campers....until Brandon popped Nicky's. (repeat Meltdown)

When it was finally our turn, I prayed, held my breath, hoped for some smiles, and handed them over to Santa; the santa with the cowboy boots and the largest hands in history of all Santas. really, take a look.
And what do you know....they smiled! all three of them. PHEW. Here is their 2011 Christmas with Santa Picture.

I thought this was cute too - We captured Luke in the same shot as Nicky from back in 2008.

 and here are the past 3 years


Tuesday, December 7, 2010
When Nicky was 7 months old, we got him all dressed up in his Christmas best, went over to Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo and waiting in line for 2 HOURS to see Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.  I think Dan was scarred for life. But it was worth it just to see the pictures. This was when he loved the word Poo Poo. So that smile was all of us shouting "Say Poo Poo"
The next year, we avoided the malls like the plague, but managed to sneak in a shot of the boys with Santa at the always fabulous (ghetto) Steiner Ranch Christmas Bazaar. Steiner, pulled out all the stops and made it really fun and festive. I kid. And as you can see, I made a real big attempt to get them in some Christmas outfits this least they were matching Pluto T-shirts

Fast forward to last Sunday at the famous Oasis overlooking Lake Travis in Austin..One of the best Santas I'd ever seen, was taking complimentary pictures if you brought your camera. We again failed miserably at dressing the boys in anything that resembled matching, Christmas outfits, or non scruffy clothes. We defined this outing a success, because while we may not have gotten many smiles, we didn't get tears. And we did get some mysterious sign language from Nicholas.

Merry Christmas!


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